Comments moderation process has always been a very difficult task, but disqus comment widget has made it look extremely simple! As far as its installation is concerned, there are just 2 or 3 steps involved in it.

Check it out:

This small tutorial will help you to insert a Disqus comment system on your blogger blog without facing any kind of a problem!

How to add disqus to your Blogger blog?

  • First of all, you need to logon to your disqus account and if you haven’t got one, you will have to create it asap.

How To Automatically Add Disqus Comment Widget to Blogger?‏

  • After clicking the continue button, you will find a new window that will ask you to choose the platform on which you want your disqus system to be on. Simply, click “Blogger” and move on to the next step!

How To Automatically Add Disqus Comment Widget to Blogger?‏Installation of Disqus Widget (Plugin) on blogger:

Step 1: Once, you move on to the next page, you will find 2 options. click (Add site name to my blogger site) & a brand new window will appear in front of you, which will ask you to install the Disqus widget on your blog.

How To Automatically Add Disqus Comment Widget to Blogger?‏

Step 2: Select your blog name from the list and click the Add widget button in blue color.

Your disqus comment system is successfully installed on your blog!

We have already written an article on How To Earn Money By Installing Disqus And Taboola Widgets On Your Site? So, don’t forget to check it! As far as Blogger’s own comment system is concerned, its not that effective and professional like Disqus, therefore, most of the sites these days are using this easy to install plugin.

Remember: Its way too easy to edit or delete comments in disqus, which means, NO MORE SPAMMING!

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