Google is the uttermost widely utilized search engine on the Web. It proffers miscellaneous services and twain of these are Google Custom Search and Google Advance Image search.

What is Google Custom Search?

Have seen it while searching for any anonymous thing at Google? But are unaware of it?

Google Custom Search is a service initiated by Google that permits web contrivers to present technical or specialized information in web searches, meliorate and assort queries and create customized search engines, based on Google Search.  The service was launched on 2006,October 24.

Google Custom Search and Google Advance Image search

Google Custom Search allows you to induce a search engine for your own website, your blog, or a cluster of websites. You can revamp the ranking, adjoin your own promotions or preferment and refashion the demeanor and sense of the search outcome. You can monetize the search by connecting your engine to your Google AdSense account that is; you make money whenever users click ads on your search results pages.

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Foremost Usage of Google custom Search

There are two main usage cases for Custom Search,

  • You can optimize a search engine that searches the outcomes from only one website.
  • Or you can invent one that focuses on a delicate theme or matter from manifold sites.

Dissimilitude between custom search and Google web search:

Amongst Some echt disparateness the prior ones are that your custom search engine accentuates your results over anything else on web and it doesn’t include certain Google web features.

What is Google Advanced Image Search?

Have seen this one also but are incognizant about it?

Google Advanced Image search is a feature provided by Google which benefits you in finding images according to your preferences.

If you really want to revamp your image searching, the facile way is to use Google advanced search by clicking on the Advanced Search menu found under the Settings icon on the far right-hand corner. In advance image search you can tweak your search outcomes in a number of ways which subsumes.

Coloration: Images with the specified color depth can be chosen like varicolored or monochrome images.
Safe Search: the specified level of filtering, don’t want explicit results? This is where you can specify that preference.

Domain: Images with specific domain or website are only Searched

File types: image files whose names end with the specified suffix. Like jpg, gif, png
Size: images of these relative dimensions small, medium, or large images.

Keywords: you can filter your results by looking for all the words in a phrase, any of the words, even for images that are not related to the words.

Usage rights: the advance search also gives you usage rights option where you can select the type of usage and to select appropriate license of image known as common creative image  , to not to void any of the copyright laws and to respect content creators rights.

No matter how you use Google’s Advance Image Search, Being Fluent to utilize it gives you relevant and accurate outcomes. Its ability to narrow down images by size, color keywords e.t.c makes it more useful.
Shout-out to Google for creating such useful Services.

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