Email Marketing can be defined as sending business related mails to your customers. They are usually being sent to a group in order to promote your product or campaign.

We have already shared Secret Trick to Earn 100$+ / Day by Email Marketing and few others methods.

Businesses do not consider Email marketing as only a way to promote their products. But they say that through email marketing, you can be in connection with your customers and they feel it as an easy tool to communicate. Due to which, they may tell you about the flaws of your product and you can change those weak points into strong ones. There are many Email marketing tools available in the market. MailChimp, Mailigen, GetResponse and Benchmark are to name a few. Getresponse and Benchmark are considered 2 of the best among them.

In this detailed comparison, we are discussing about GetResponse and Benchmark so that you could know which one is best for you.


GetResponse is one of the best marketing tools used by many businesses. The basic reason behind the immense success of GetResponse is its features that are unmatchable. The second reason is its reasonable pricing structure that is not provided by any other email marketing tool. Moreover, it provides businesses with the best connection and a way to communicate with their customers. GetResponse has the ability to convert the potential customers into the regular ones due to the services it provides.

GetResponse is used across the globe in 180 countries. And every month, more than 1 billion people start using it. It provides you with the complete list of the contacts and maintains it. Most importantly, it makes your campaign a professional one. Due to which the number of customers of your business increases. The best part is that it provides you with complete information about your customers and you can approach them easily. In this way, those who are not your customers will become your paying customers.

Some of the features of GetResponse include the turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting feature, unlimited number of auto responders which can deliver appropriate information immediately to your audience and make them your regular customers. Furthermore, it also gives fully automated list hygiene feature to stop spam and establish relationships with major Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers.


It is important for an email marketing tool to offer free trial. It helps beginners and newbies to understand the application. When they will use the features of the tool for some time, they will realize that whether that tool is suitable for them or not. After that they will make the decision of buying that tool or leaving it.

GetResponse offers free trial of first 30 days. You just have to register yourself by filling the form. You may give your email address, your first name and password to create account . You can use the tool for 30 days for free after filling the form.


The uncommon feature of GetResponse is its Autoresponder. It is used to send emails automatically to customers on according to time or when an event is about to come. It is crucial for an email tool to have this feature because businesses are very busy these days and they do not have time to send emails about the events and for other purposes. GetResponse understands this and offers an Autoresponder 2.0 that can send emails automatically to your customers according to the events.

The best part about Autoresponder 2.0 is that it does not require any effort. Moreover, it offers unlimited messages, flexible scheduling, and super easy template design.


The factor which affects the behavior of the customer is the price of the product. Hence, it is important for any business to have the right price for their products.

GetResponse`s first package is Email which offers $15 per month and you can send 1000 emails. In this package, you have Autoresponders 2.0, and Landing pages (Basic).

The second one is the most popular package of GetResponse and is called Pro. It costs $49 per month and you can send 5000 emails in a month. It offers Email Marketing, Autoresponders 2.0, Landing pages (Pro), and Webinars 100.

There are 2 more packages: Max and Enterprise, which cost $165 and $999 respectively.

The picture below gives more data:


When you are developing any application or software, you should keep it in mind that it should not be a complex one and should not be complicated to use. Because a tool that is not easy-to-use will result in decreasing the number of your customers. So, the application should be designed in a way that all customers can understand it easily.

GetResponse`s application is a very simple one. You just have to go to it once and you will understand everything. It is not difficult to find anything in the software.


Benchmark is another international email marketing tool which provides you with the opportunity to use all the features through which you may have a better relation with your customers.

Some of the features it offers are:

  • Sophisticated list management.
  • Hundreds of email templates.
  • Ultra-precise reports.
  • Dazzling emailing and video emailing options.

Benchmark charges you a very little amount which you can easily afford. Hence, they are cost effective for your company. Benchmark’s online marketing tools are for all businesses regardless of their nature of work. This marketing tool helps you in having transparent relationship with your customers and is user focused.

The company says it is the “Powerful and Simple Email MarketingEngagement Tools for Enterprises across the Globe”.


In Benchmark Email tool, you just have to give some basic information in while filling the form and after that you can have up to 2,000 of your subscribers and send them up to 14,000 emails per month. No credit card is required here as well.


Benchmark Email offers you to upload more than 8 custom emails at a time and design them to go out on the dates you choose.

You do not have to worry about sending emails regarding the upcoming event or the promotion of your newly launched product.


Benchmark Email has 3 packages. The first one is a ‘Free Plan’that allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers.

‘Medium Plan’ is the second and the most common package that allows the users to have 50,000 subscribers. With 50,000 subscribers, they give you unlimited sending of the mails and charges you $230.95. This is the maximum number in the Medium Plan. If you have less than 50k subscribers, the price will be lower.

The last package is ‘Large Sender’ which has the capacity of 50,000 to 100,000 subscribers. With 100,000 subscribers, they give you 1,400,000 emails per month and charges $449.95. Again the price will be lower for you if you have less than 100k subscribers.


Although Benchmark Email has a better and more advanced application, they are still lacking in some important features.

In comparison, GetResponse has a more simpler application than Benchmark.


If we want to know about anything we are going to buy, we ask from those who have ever used it. To know about both the email marketing tools, we are going to check which of the big brands have used and/or mentioned these tools in their website.

GetResponse has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Huff Post, Technorati, Mashable, and

On the other hand, Benchmark Email doesn’t show such information in their website.


Before taking the final decision, you are suggested to go to their respective websites and search by your own. In this way you will get more idea. You can consider them and evaluate critically to understand them more.

The main and the important features of both the tools have been discussed above. However, there are many more that all cannot be discussed in a single article.

Well I personally recommend you to use GetResponse over Benchmark, because it has more features and is very easy to use tool.

The above article or the comparison is just the food for thought!

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