People think that Pinterest is just about sharing pictures only, however, they don’t know the fact that they are missing a gem in their social media marketing. Trust me, Pinterest can give you traffic like no other network. You can install Pinterest’s button on your website to give a chance to your visitors to pin any of your pictures with in the posts of your website.

 How to get traffic from Pinterest

Here are some methods to get mass traffic from Pinterest:

Try to be active on “Pinterest”

Like all other social networks, Pinterest also needs a great amount of time. You will have to visit the site on a daily basis and keep pinning other images. Other than pinning, you also need to comment on the pics that you like the most. One simply cannot expect massive traffic from Pinterest, if is just posting pictures from his own website on it.

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Use High definition images:

Pinterest is all about images and there is not much text involved in it. This is the reason that we need to emphasize more on the quality of images that we are posting. Using your old camera mobile to capture images and uploading it on Pinterest is not recommended at all. I am not asking you to hire a professional photographer for that, but with a bit of skills and equipment, you can capture some really cool images. Trust me.

 How to get traffic from Pinterest

Post in a (series form):

If you will try to keep your followers interested, they will automtically develop a habit of checking your boards again and again. The best thing to do to keep your viewers interested is to post in the series form. For instance, if you are looking to post ten images on Pinterest, don’t post it altogether, instead, try to post it during a 10 days time period. You will also have to state the numbers in the form of 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10, etc.

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Post quality and interesting stuff:

I have seen people that only post their own post links. However, this is not how you are going to get traffic from Pinterest. You actually need to mix your boring stuff with some interesting stuff. By continuously checking our interesting stuff, he will somehow land to our post as well.

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Write Meaning ful & Interesting Descriptions:

To make your pictures SEO friendly, you will have to write an SEO friendly description. Remember, your description should be precise and concise always, if you want to be appreciated by your viewers.

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Make use of Hashtags and categories to make it easily searchable

When you insert tags and categorize all your pins, it makes them more easier to find and very well organized. However, if you are going to use it more than once or twice, your posts will look like spam and users might not like it.

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Follow users that have so many followers in their profile

At the time of following users, always make sure that he is sharing interesting pictures in his profile and he has got a group of so many followers. When you pick these kind of users and when they follow you back, there is a chance that their followers will also start to repin your posts. Hope you might have got my point.

Repin cool and Interesting Stuff:

Like so many different social networks, interaction also means a lot to Pinterest. When ever you comment or like the pins from other people, Pinterest gives you more and more “visibility”. I will also like to mention here that by liking and commenting on other pins, in return, they will also comment and like on your pins.

Use Info graphics, Videos and Charts:

Pinterest is not just about sharing stuff that is static, you will also find a video section in it. Of course, its not a Youtube like website, but still
if you have created a cool looking video for your business, you can share it on Pinterest. Along with images, you can also share some info graphics and charts in your profile.

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