Are you aware that Facebook makes huge amount of money with the help of the content that you post on its wall?


Well, they really do and they don’t want to disclose/share it with you!

Considering this act of mere unfairness, today, in this post, i’ll tell some other social media networks that are gonna pay you to post content on it. isn’t that cool?

The most amazing thing about these kind of networks is that you can even send the earned money (money made through these social networks) to your friends, donate it for a charitable cause or keep it with yourself.


Get Paid for Sharing Content on Social Networks

I have kept TSU at very top in my list because this is the only network, which pays 90% share of the revenue earned from content, that you share and only keeps 10% with themselves. However, to become part of this network, you will require an invitation code (from any of the TSU user’s). You might be thinking here that where am I gonna find that damn invitation code from, isn’t it?

Umm, here is it!

Also note that this particular social network does have proper security, which enables them to avoid getting exploited by any hacker or something. Furthermore, if you ask me about copyrighted content and spamming, these two evil things aren’t welcomed over here; and only twelve posts are allowed in a day to avoid spamming.

A person is definitely going to get paid, if he or she will share quality content and will be having lots and lots of friends on their profile.

Also check:


Get Paid for Sharing Content on Social Networks

3tags is just like Reddit, but it pays you to share content unlike Reddit. This particular social network also pays you 90% revenue and has got an extremely easy signup process to get started and promote your content straight away. 3tags as the name suggests, can only be used, so that people can search your content, though if you tried inserting more tags, moderators are gonna remove them immediately.

This site mainly pays you by considering the level of popularity of your posted content and has got a currency of their own that can be redeemed, once you will reach the required numbers.


Get Paid for Sharing Content on Social Networks

Bitlanders on the other hand looks like a teen’s network and users gets paid for every single action they take on it. It literally pays you to interact more and more and increase your (buzzscore).

(Buzzscore pays you in Bitcoins and also rewards you if you invite more people on it)


Get Paid for Sharing Content on Social Networks

Weare8 is the competitor of TSU, but still pays 10% less than TSU. I also want to bring this in your notice that the top celebrities namely, Usher and Jamie Oliver supports this social network. Currently, this site is in its beta version, but you can signup and get your invitation asap.

On this site, you are required to share videos and photos with your friends and with the help of digital ads (that will be controlled by you) you are gonna make money.

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