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In beginner terms, WordPress theme system is a way to alter and generalize your website in such a manner that you have more control over it. Though theme might seem to refer to the “design” being changed only, successful usage of these allows greater command over the presentation (colors, stylistic details etc.) and content (categories, easier user interface etc.) of your website.

Free WordPress Themes a Blessing for web developers

The real eye catcher in this composition is the term “Free”, what does free refer to in this case? Like many of the software available in market today, themes are classified into two major categories by their level of performance, Paid/Free WordPress themes. You can avail free themes from the “WordPress Theme Directory” or invest in premium like “iThemes Builder”.

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But wait, why spend cash when it’s conveniently obtainable without it? The answer lies in the accessibility to alteration and limit of changing outlays provided by both kinds of themes. In the case of premium themes, they have a reliable code base and possess the capacity to offer support in case of an unwanted issue, whereas free themes will not provide these facilities. Since WordPress is updating technology every few months, it is necessary for your theme and plugins to be compatible with the updates, and in case of premium themes the framework company upholds this task as their own for the ease of users. This is not the case in free themes, because you might have to wait months before an update is available for your version.

Rationally speaking though, free WordPress themes are not very inconvenient so as to be regarded as “a waste of time”, they cater you with ultra-modern styles, resembling the premium themes. They are to be programmed in a similar manner to premium themes (except for the super-rich features provided by premium themes) and the end result is a new and modified website in both cases. And to top it all off, at the end of the day if you’re staring at a master product and still have enough in your pocket to reward yourself with doughnuts and iced tea then clearly free themes have a great set of pros of its own.

Free WordPress themes are perfectly suited for cases like blogs for hobbies where paying for the software might not suit everyone’s case, and in cases where the user is a novice and the innumerable features of a paid theme might not come in handy to him/her in the near future. And of course, if web designing comes as a part of school course where you have to submit an assignment the very next week then it is quite sensible to opt for free themes rather than premium ones because you’re not getting a paying output are you?

In a nutshell, free WordPress themes are incredibly useful as well as addictive as a hobby and taking a step further, as a full-fledged duty. For tutorials on how to utilize themes in the most efficient manner and learn more about them you can check BloggingHeat for that purpose.

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