Facebook Video Monetisation

Facebook’ is soon going to pay some of the top video makers in the industry to upload their video clips on Facebook.

Company also has a plan to launch “suggested videos feed” that will curate sequence’ of video clips with ads.

Clips that people are gonna watch for long time will get their share of income generated through ads. Do note that 45% of ad income will come in the bucket of Facebook.

Facebook Video Monetisation not a dream anymore

In accordance with Facebook, its users view as much as 4 billion videos on a daily basis, which is a big threat for Youtube.

“Facebook is aggressively moving into the video space,” said Eleni Marouli, advertising analyst at IHS consultancy.

“In December 2014, Facebook surpassed YouTube in views for the first time, and we predict YouTube will lose share from next year onwards.”

In the month of June, HBO, one of the US broadcaster’s also made an announcement that it will start streaming its program’s on Facebook.

“It’s not an unusual, or generous model,” said Ms Marouli. “But we could see a monetisation battle between Facebook and YouTube, to entice creators onto the platform.”

“Based on our forecasts, by 2018 Facebook will have 25% of online video ad revenue in Europe, and more in the US,” said Ms Marouli.

There are tests going on to provide suggested videos feed to US iPhone users, however they haven’t started their arrangement of revenue-sharing till now.

As we all know that Youtube enables its users to get their videos monetized, similarly Facebook will work with different media companies and selected individuals at the moment.

The only concern for people here is that its actually very difficult to trace out videos on Facebook than on youtube.

“The big players don’t need tech companies like Facebook and YouTube to get their content out,” she told the BBC.

“If they aren’t happy with the deal on offer, they could pull out completely, like Channel 4 did with YouTube.”

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