Facebook has proved to be the best traffic source ever. If we estimate, around 80-90% of the public is affiliated with Facebook so that they could know about what’s happening in their ambiances. It is featured and beautified in a way that all kind of breaking news shared by different sources on Facebook can easily be seen by the whole associated traffic. Due to which Facebook has taken over all the traffic even from the World’s largest and the most famous search engine, i.e Google!

Even the world’s largest web analytics and content optimization software for online publishers, i.e Parse.ly, after its latest analysis admitted that Facebook has become the main traffic source to different news links and entertainment corners.

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Therefore, all the major site holders and publishers share their links on social networks especially on Facebook and even on Twitter (but on 2nd number). They are pretty much sure that Facebook is gonna bring a decisive amount of traffic on their website. New readers also find the tracks to acquire all news links here through a simple search.

In an interview with Fortune, the Parse.ly shared their latest evaluations that about 43% of the traffic has been shared by social media whereas only 38% participation was shown by Google to bring the traffic. Although Parse.ly has huge amount of famous clients that contribute for the huge amount of page spectators and distinct visitors altogether.


There has always remained a competition between all the web giants, which becomes un-predictable sometimes to analyse who is going to excel the next. Except for the growth with a consistent curve of Facebook identified by Montalenti, CTO of Parse.ly. However this curve is still thespian as per the analysis report of Parse.ly’s report in the start of last year. You can imagine from this analysis, according to which in January, Facebook shared about 20% of all the traffic and now its fluctuation is so abnormal that the ratio has become double than the last year.

There is another traffic analytic firm named as Chartbeat which agrees with the statement of Parse.ly enlightening company’s latest evaluation by saying that “when we look at all the sites over our network, a third have more Facebook traffic than Google. But when we only look at the largest 20%, about half of them have more traffic from Facebook than Google”.


Pars.ly also tries to clear the picture in another aspect of social media to be the greater source of traffic because the Google’s most important technique to search with the help of keywords to the publishers have been limited for security purposes so that nobody could disturb its procedure, creating some barriers while searching with the help of keywords, can ease the way of social media to get edge in getting more and more traffic. Whatsoever, Facebook is enjoying to be on the top edge. Even the Facebook developer is trying to invite and host media companies.

Google’s plus point is that it is able to figure out how much rating shall be given to any article, at the other end this feature lacks in social media which becomes challenge for publishers.

Montelenti said: “That’s unfortunate because Facebook is a lot less transparent around things like how the algorithm functions”. He again quotes “Facebook is more like a black box in term of how it operates. And yet it’s this huge and growing traffic source”

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