In accordance with Wall Street, Facebook might start hosting “content” of some of the top publishers on the web from this month.

This new experiment is called as “Instant Articles” and its main aim is to provide Facebook users content from the best of the best websites of the world without any loading time.

Facebook going to start Hosting Content of other Sites from this month

Following are gonna be the top 3 publishers in this first time experiment by Facebook

  • National Geographic
  • The New York Times
  • Buzzfeed

Facebook just wants to give mobile users an extremely simple and super fast access to almost each and everything in the world and it looks like people are going to spend even more time on Facebook than any other website in the world.

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In order to attract the giant content publishers on the web, Facebook is also introducing a pretty amazing revenue model.

As per reports, Facebook is not going to earn revenue from (ad sales), instead its going to offer as much as 100% revenue to the websites that are gonna provide their instant articles to Facebook. All that money, which Facebook is going to pay to these publishers will come from advertisements sold through Facebook Hosted Pages (In an exchange of the amount of time spent while reading these instant articles on Facebook).

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