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The wait is finally over! Facebook is up with its new ‘Authorship’ feature to rock up the industry. Now hold your nerves and get along to explore it further.

Authorship feature is actually powered by Meta tag. This feature prevents plagiarism in a way that when someone shares your article or post on Facebook, byline appears along with the writer’s name and link, thereby letting the reader to endorse the efforts of the real mastermind behind that particular piece of work.

Facebook Authorship: What is it?

‘ Following’ or not is a concern here- if the reader is not following the transcriber of any particular content, he/she will still see the link and an option asking to follow him/her for further updates. So plagiarists cannot escape any way from this utterly deadly episode of their life.

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So bloggers! Brace yourselves to experience an era overloaded with numerous opportunities and out of the box perks.

It’s the time to apply the brakes and halt the vehicle to take first step ahead on the stairs of success to learn the first chapter,


Despite of Facebook’s strict restrictions of five-thousand friends at a time, one can still be in touch with someone they adore or the one they want keep updated with by simply hitting the ‘Follow’ button right at the top right corner of an individual’s profile.

Enabling Facebook Authorship:

As you have enabled the option for everybody to follow you, now all you need to do is to move the second step up the staircase by setting up an author tag. Tell Facebook about the articles you have produced by populating “article: author” field with the complete URL of your current Facebook profile.

<meta property=”article:author” content=”https://www.facebook.com/aly.shallwani” />

Configure it by SEO by Yoast Plugin:

  1. Press the SEO button located at the left side
  2. Press the Facebook button.
  3. Tick the Add Open Graph meta data box.

Facebook Authorship: What is it?

Authorship and Bloggers- Still a better Love story than Twilight:

If you are thinking that I will conventionally re-phrase the above-mentioned perks of Authorship in another manner, then you are certainly wrong! Here we shall deeply analyze how Authorship turns the momentum into Bloggers’ favor. Added to the reduced plagiarism, it also brings popularity for the bloggers-the most direly needed element they endeavor for. Since almost every worth reading post goes viral on Facebook, therefore as long as the post goes, similar heights the writer’s popularity is scaled up. Moreover, Facebook has its own unique way of addressing bloggers as journalists which sounds elite-class, thus magnetizing even more bloggers and giving goose-bumps to the present ones. This further strengthens the ties between the two eternal lovers- Facebook and Bloggers. In order to transform this relationship into a perfect bond, Facebook has contributed its part by introducing journalists’ byline with their every post-just similar to any other professional publisher, thereby taking significant number of audience into the fold by making them follow the journalists to see his/her future posts.

Now it’s your showtime! Try this power-boom feature and exploit this opportunity to the fullest. Garner utmost fame and popularity via Authorship and let us know your experience of using this unique feature.

On a lighter note, be grateful to Mark Zuckerberg and his team for introducing such an awe-inspiring feature for our good.

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