This method is not going to earn you thousand dollars per day, that’s why, i’m not going to make any false statements, however, you can expect $50 earnings per day from this method.

Earn $20+/day with Instagram and CPA for Starters

Here is the technique:

I am assuming here that you are already having an account on CPALead, CPAGrip or any other network and now, you only need to open an Instagram account. I will advice you to make an account of a girl with a fantabulous pictures of her in it. The only reason, why I am advising you this thing is that its a human nature that we get attracted towards good looking people and this thing really works. Make sure, that you are not using any professionally edited pictures because they won’t attract much, in fact, people will feel something fishy about your account. For pictures, you can visit from here.

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Coming towards our technique, now, you will have to select some real good offers from your CPA network. For instance, lets suppose, you find an offer that says, “Win a FREE iPhone 6”, you just need to edit your instagram account bio a bit with the following details:

I like to read, play cricket and enjoy playing games on my iPhone 6 that I have won a day back from –(Insert your survey link over here)–

Let me give you another example of a dating offer. this is how you will edit your bio in this situation:

Hello, I’m just here to make some good friends. If you really want me to be your friend, please do visit my profile. –(Insert your survey link over here)–

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Till now, you might have understood this earning technique very well. Now, coming towards traffic, you are simply required to like photos. Just find out pictures of other people with the help of appropriate (hashtags). e.g, If your offer is related to iPhone, you need to like pictures that come under the hash tag of #iPhone. The secret behind this technique is when you are going to like the picture of any one, he or she will look at your profile and will also give you a like back. Just spend about an hour a day on this “liking pictures” thing to get traffic.

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If you applied this method for three day, make one more new account and repeat the entire process all over again. By dong that, you can make as much as thirty dollars per day.

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  1. Ihtisham Argan

    Shesz bro have you tried this method?
    Instagram do not accept direct link to cpagrip so what should i do?

  2. SyedSmar1

    Brilliant to say the least! You are awesome! I can only wonder where you got these tricks? But anyway that does not matter now does it? You are sharing them and that is all that matters!


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