Facebook! The most popular social networking website, a way of communication or a way to waste your precious time?

It’s all what is contingent upon our perceptions and uses.

What is Deactivating Facebook?

Deactivating Facebook! A choice to save yourself from cons of Facebook or a way to avoid this addiction for a while.

Deactivating Facebook is an option to drop from Facebook momentarily, where you can reactivate your account later or it would be certainly reactivated after a certain time period.

Deactivate Facebook and get a life Bro!

Steps to deactivate your Facebook account?

To deactivate Facebook account select setting in drop-down arrow on toolbar, as the settings appeared click deactivate and select a reason for it.

Click confirm and enter your password and again click deactivate now

Are there any differences between deactivating and deleting account?

Deactivate and Delete? Are they same?

Of course NOT

as mentioned above, you can deactivate Facebook account transitorily and have flexibility to regain access over it again .After deactivating your account people won’t be able to see the information on your timeline on Facebook and even won’t be able to search you. On the contrary, if you delete your account permanently you will not be able to regain access to your account.

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Reasons of Deactivating Your Account?

What is the need to deactivate Facebook? Here we go with some echt reasons of deactivating

1. Facebook covetousness

It’s true that Facebook breeds jealousy. Habitually people operate the social network to post resounding moments. Interpreting a perpetual stream of other people’s felicitous times can almost directly associate to adverse sentiments about oneself.

In this case deactivating serves as the best option.

2. Exams Fever.

Students are procrastinated facilely. Whether it’s studying for an English test or a Physics quiz, without hitch students can be distracted by Facebook resulting in lower grades. Deactivating makes it fluent for them to score.

3. Privacy

Privacy is invariably an enormous concern for web addicts, and this is why Facebooks privacy policies occasionally compels it as a dynamic reason to deactivate as people have access over all your information which is uncomfortable.

 4. Time Devastator.

Facebook can be a huge time waster and many people have found that to be one of the top reasons to deactivate Facebook.


Farther drawback to deactivating Facebook is that you’ll no longer be tagged in any cofound photos or   in locations that you want to keep private.

6. Stalker Proneness.

Cyber stalking is spooky!  Whether you are being stalked or are stalking it makes a good reason for deactivating.
And here we ended up with the most ubiquitous reasons for deactivating Facebook.

Deactivating Facebook! Venturesome?

Yes Of course Facebook deactivating is risky. As Facebook users have the option to deactivate their accounts, there are some downsides involved in it.

Your account is removed impermanent and furthermore your f, friends or other people who want to connect with you won’t be able to route to your profile. This is why deactivating cuts you from network activities and you have no real-time access to your friends.

This is how we can deactivate Facebook

It is contingent upon you to deactivate by seeing its drawbacks or have a real-time access with friends.

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