I don’t like to share fake stories, that’s why, I am telling you my fully tested method of ranking a Youtube video quickly. This technique involves, creating a landing page, optimization, backlinking and other stuff. The most amazing thing about this technique is that I have used all free things that anyone can find it on Google.

Complete Youtube Video Ranking and Landing Page Optimization - NO CASH NEEDED

TOOLS THAT YOU NEED TO USE: (can be easily found on Google for no cost)

GSA Search engine ranker TRIAL (TRIAL version with no limit can be found on google)

MD5 Hash Changer 1.0

GSA Captcha Breaker TRIAL (nolimit TRIAL can be found on google)

GSA Indexer

Micro Niche Finder

TheBestSpinner DEMO Website OR SpinnerChief

Any Video Editing and converting software

Market Samurai Keyword Tool with google keyword research

Optimization and landing page:

1. 1st thing that you need to do is to look for 2 to 3 keywords with the help of Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder. Keyword should have decent number of visits per day and should also be low competition. Remember, this is the most important thing in this trick, so, focus more on it.

2.Create a blog on blogspot.com & make it use like a landing page.
3.Look for a good looking article, which relates to your keywords and make it plagiarism free with the help of TheBest Spinner demo or SpinnerChief.
4.Optimize your articles’s title, body content, image titles, H1 tags and meta tags.
5.Do mention a download picture option, if your website has something that is shareable and don’t forget to make use of your main keyword.
6. Finally, publish your article.

Youtube Video upload:

1. Look for a good youtube video, which has got lots of views and it relates to your keyword.

2. Download it asap.

3. Make use of MD5 Hash changer software

4. Use a good video editing software to remove small pieces from the video that are not important and also add a different INTRO, links and texts with the help of your blog or landing page to make it look authentic and save it in High quality format.

5.With the help of conversion software, convert your video in a different format.

6. After doing all the above mentioned things, upload your video on Youtube. Make sure that it is unlisted in the starting.

7. Make use of your main keyword in the title.

8. Description should contain your main keyword for as much as 4 to 5 times, but don’t make it look like spam.

9. Include your landing page/blog, mediafire or any other links if you have.

10. Insert your research keywords in the section of Tags and also make use of the ones that are recommended by Youtube.

11. Now finish your video uploading, but make sure that its unlisted for 11 to 24 hours.

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Create Backlinks on Blogs

1. Make use of (GSA SER) with Captcha breaker & indexer (All trial)

2. In Trial version, you can make as many as 300 (link submits) each day. I personally tried submitting the links of my blog to two hundred and seventy pages and as a result, I got one hundred and twenty backlinks from Google till morning, including DOFOLLOW AND NOFOLLOW both.

3. If you find it difficult to use GSA SER, search a GSA SER tutorial on the net.

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How to Build Manual Whitehat Backlinks to Get Top SEO Rank

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Youtube Video Boosting: (After few hours of uploading)

1. Never try to boost your video before making it (PUBLIC)

2. Use VAGEX & U2B views to give a boost to your video and also make use of GSA SER.

3. As you know that there is a limit in GSA SER and it only allows 300 submits each day, it will not look spam at all.


You will have to use your imagination to monetize it.

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