Commenting on other blogs is extremely very important, though I didn’t take it seriously at the beginning because of lack of awareness.

Today, I will tell you how it can be beneficial for your blog, but before that I would like to tell you that BloggingHeat has got an amazing tool that will help you to find out blogs on which, you can start commenting and create backlinks for your site! Here is it: Backlinker

Check it out:

It Keeps You Up-To-Date:

Whenever, you will visit other blogs to comment on it, you will learn many important things like trending topics that visitors love to read and share. Moreover, the upcoming or newly launched updates like WordPress, Google Panda, Hummingbird or Penguin Updates, etc.


Commenting on other blogs gives you quality and genuine backlinks. Some of the blogs have got Commentluv plugin installed, which not only gives you a dofollow backlink, but also allows an anchor text.

Backlinks are very important because they usually tell Search Engines like Google and Bing the quality of a blog, the more the backlinks a blog has got, the higher Google will rank it in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Position).

You can also read a tutorial on How to Build Manual Whitehat Backlinks to Get Top SEO Rank

Allows You To Build A Community:

It might sound a bit boring, but, I have made many intelligent friends, including bloggers and commentators both by commenting on other blogs. We share good stuff and also help each other in technical issues. This thing slowly goes on and eventually ends up with a huge and successful blogging community.

It Increases the Engagement On Your Blog:

I always read comments on my blogs, reply them and also visit the blogs provided in the comment sections because it creates a nice and creative atmosphere and also increases content of my site.

Drives Niche Related Traffic To Your Blog:

Commenting on other blogs also help you to increase your blog traffic because when you are gonna leave a valuable comment on other blog, the author and the readers of that blog will also read your comment and will visit your blog. It also happens with me, whenever, someone with a new profile leaves a valuable comment on my blog, I not only reply to his comment, but also check his profile and visit his blog because it increases my knowledge.

Important Advice!

Don’t comment on other blogs just to increase backlinks or hitting comments like “Thanks For Sharing Or Very Well Written” etc because it degrades you in the eyes of readers and the author him/herself. Moreover, the author spots that the person is trying to spam and increase his/her backlinks because of which, they ban you.

Always, try to add valuable comments because it not only increases the value of that article, but also creates an impression in front of your visitors.

Last Words!

So Guys! That was all about the benefits of commenting on other blogs. I hope you liked and understood everything.
Do give me your valuable feedback and ask if you have anything in your mind because Sharing Is Caring.

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