See what the winds just brought in… Facebook is up with yet another amazing feature for pages in order to develop a strong bond between the pages and their audience. “See First” is that productive feature which we are talking about. This feature allows the users to stay tuned with every second update of any entertainer, public figure or anyone’s page they have liked. These posts will be shown with a blue star and usually at the top of the newsfeed.

Likes Aren’t Enough. Now Facebook Pages Need You To Add Them To “See First

“See First” button will not only quench the thirst of audience to stay connected to their stars but there’s still something more colossal in there. Know what? It is going to be substantially lucrative for the website owners who divert Facebook traffic to their websites.  Some months ago, these owners were taken by surprise when Facebook decreased the reach of pages and this business collapsed to a peaceful death, but it’s again taking in breaths to come back to life. As all these posts will rule the audience’s top newsfeed, therefore the website owners will exploit this opportunity to the fullest.

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On the other hand, it is equally beneficial for the users in such a way that it makes only relevant posts available on any user’s newsfeed. For example, a person possessing a good taste in sports may add any sportsman or sports news as ‘See First’ to receive regular updates according to their taste.

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