Website creation, apart from being a consuming hobby, is significantly essential for multiple organizations for making themselves available on a whole to customers on the internet. And a website Control Management System (CMS is the best way to offshoot the dream of creating a successful website.

Check out why WordPress is a blogger's heaven!

What is WordPress?

It is an online website creation tool written in PHP, and the best part about it is that it’s absolutely free! Famous blogs and news outlets are all using it as their tool due to its easily understandable and accessible features, and it is safe to say that it is one of the most powerful CMS in actuality today.

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Though it might sound geeky and time consuming, obtaining it is one of the easiest tasks ever. It can be downloaded from WordPress.org. But it’s not that simple. Let’s see how this can be done.

1) At the very first go, we need to download it from wordpress.org. And Yes! Remember to catch up the latest bird (version).
2) Secondly, upload your data files on the web server via FTP.
3)  Now, we shall introduce a MySQL database and user for wordpress.
4) Finally we’ll knot up the WordPress with our newly designed database-establishing connection between the two.
Apart from that, numerous tutorials for guidance are available online in order to help you out in this regard.

How to use?

1) Visit wordpress.org

Click on “Get Started” button on the top left to commence signing up. Once you have signed up, now you should not hesitate to breath in your own territory since you will now have your own blog. Albeit you aren’t permitted to monetize your blog but still one can garner substantially significant amount of fame.

2) Let it be known!

After filling out the relevant information required, you need to label brand your with a catchy tag. Make sure the name entice the readers towards your blog. Also ensure that you name it for once to last forever since you will not, by any means, able to edit the name later.

3) Activate

As soon as you are going to sign up, you will be hooked up with an activation email comprising of an activation link. Following that link, you will finally land on a button namely “Activate Blog”. Hit a click to that button and you will be lead to the Dashboard, which will in future be the central focus in transcribing your blogs.

4) Explore

Once you step into the whole new world of your blogging, explore additional features of your blog by jumping into the Dashboard. You can come up loaded with crazy stuff like adding a title, adjustment of privacy settings, alteration of e-mail addresses and the list continues to expand as a testimony of wordpress’s versatile features.

5) Final Touches

Finally, it is the time to adorn your blog with suitable and relevant themes according to the topic of your blog. Some themes are ‘premium’, and you may need to buy them.

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