Its extremely important for every Fiverr user who is living in an Asian country because he or she doesn’t have a good reputation in front of Fiverr visitors. If you are having a Pakistani or an Indian based account, you won’t get a lot of orders and people will even refuse to work for you if you make any gig purchase.

change fiverr flag

Also remember one thing that you cannot change the flag of your account if you have already made one because it’s illegal in the eyes of Fiverr. You can only disguise your self at the time of creating a brand new account. You simply need to install any proxy on your computer or you can also visit some proxy sites. The one I use is Zenmate. It is  a Google chrome extension, also available for Firefox Addon in which you will be given 5 IPs from different countries. You should mostly select US or UK at the time of making a Fiverr account. We will also keep sharing paid VPN offers for free in future.

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zenmate countries

In the Fiverr form, just select US or UK as a country and Zenmate will do the rest of its job. I always wanted to share this technique with my friends because I don’t want them to face problems that I am currently facing. Even after offering unique and best gigs, I’m not getting regular orders and if I get any order, they don’t bother to give any feedback. Dont forget to read How to Use Zenmate Proxy for Chrome and Firefox Invisible Browsing

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Tips to Increase Fiverr Earning

Always try to use profile pictures of white people, instead of your own pic. It creates an impression over public. Other than that, as we all know the importance of videos on Fiverr, you can purchase gig from any white person to make a video for your gig. People will definitely start thinking that you are also British or an American.

The main thing that matters the most is quality of service that you are providing to your customers. If its not up to the mark, you will not get good reviews and good feedback from your customers.

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