If you’re writing awesome articles on your blog and updating social media profiles properly, you’re seriously responding to all the things that your readers are looking for, but what if still you are unable to see good traffic figure in your analytics report?

Well, in this article, I’ll tell you how can you boost the targeted traffic on your blog, especially if you are running a business. If you wanna learn more about whether you should adopt business blogging or not, I’d recommend you to read Business Blogging Tips by Will Blunt of BlueWireMedia (Australia).

1st Strategy – Consider Reposting:

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If you’re writing awesome articles on your blog and updating social media profiles properly, you’re seriously responding to all the things that

What is reposting?

Re-posting is really dangerous, but only when it’s done in a wrong way.

You should consider re-posting your articles on other relevant blogs as well. Now, let me dig deeper in to the concept, so that we can meet our goals properly.

How to repost?

You can repost on other blogs in several ways. For example:

Ex 1: Contact other blog owners in your industry to request, if they can repost your content exactly as it’s on your blog, but to avoid from duplicate issues, they should add a canonical link element to let search engines know the actual scenario. It’s not a spam technique, in fact, it’s used by various big names in the blogging industry. For example, check out this post by Neil Patel (Creator of 10 blogs out of top 100 blogs on the web)

Ex 2: You can rewrite your headlines, re write all content, re arrange all paragraphs, and then publish it somewhere else.


  • You’ll get targeted traffic. Note that just getting traffic isn’t good, but qualified traffic is
  • People of different time zones can be able to visit your blog
  • You’ll get SEO benefits by getting a link back to your blog post as well or in author bio

 2nd Strategy – Improve Social Media Tactics

How to Boost Traffic on Your Blog – 4 Killer Strategies

Don’t just share a mere link, as nobody is going to open up a link without proper description. Write something that grabs attention. You can do this in many ways, for example:

  • Ask questions and guide them to answer via comments
  • Tagging relevant people (may be your subscribers or group members, if they don’t mind)
  • Adding a teaser line that forces them to click
  • Tell them, you’ll answer the reader comments personally (this is a tactic used by Moz’s CEO Rand Fishkin and many others)

Also check:

3rd Strategy – Optimize the Headlines for both: Users & Search Engines

Before starting your articles, it will be awesome, if you could do a proper research. For this, what you need to do is, use Google Trends to find hot industry topics. Then do a little bit research across Google and Bing. See what others are doing. Gather few important keyword phrases, and then run a free Google Keyword Planner tool to find new opportunities.

Now, optimize your headlines for users, at first. Write such headlines that increase curiosity and attract visitors to at least click and check what’s inside. For example:

“9 out of 10 people don’t know this Link Building Tactic, Do you?”

Now I bet, if a seasoned professional link builder comes across this headline somewhere in search results, he is  definitely going to click it to check if he knows it (now it’s up to your content that keeps him for long duration or let him bounce back)

Finally, optimize that headline for search engines as well. How? Make sure the important words appear somewhere inside the headline. Better to target more long tail search terms.

Keep the length of your headlines under 60 characters.


4th Strategy – Ask the Oracles

Hard working and other strategies are never beneficial, if they aren’t measurable. Several Web Analytics companies are out in the market, but fortunately, the best one is free for all. So why not use it?

Yes, I’m talking about Google Analytics. Head over to set it up, if you didn’t yet. If you don’t know how to setup Google Analytics, check out Google Analytics Academy tutorials, free to track your success for each individual blog post. Make sure to set proper goals. If you’re new to Google Analytics, these 5 Google Analytics Reports will help you to discover actionable insights through GA custom dashboards.

Wrapping up

Note that in Blogging World, results can never be seen overnight. Always remember that consistency is the key to successful blogging. Note that a 10,000 Mile journey always starts from your first step. You can reach the top 50th Floor of Burj-e-Dubai only if you take an electric lift from first floor. same is the case with blogging, may be today you’ll get only 6 visits.

A key metric to your success could be like a steady increase in daily traffic. For example, today 6 visits, tomorrow, may be 7 (just set realistic goals at the start) but this figure should constantly increase..

I feel pleasure to answer reader comments, if you need any sort of help or assistance, feel free to ask me anything in comments below.

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