Are you looking for some of the best WordPress Hostings of 2015 that can take care of all the technical issues of your wordpress website, so that you can focus more on your blogging thing? Well, you don’t need to worry a lot here because BloggingHeat will be providing you a list of the best of the best WordPress Hostings of 2015. With all its features & loading speeds, you will be able to choose the one that suits your type of website.

Do note that this list consists of all those wordpress Hostings that are reliable, stable, DDOS protected, fast and some of them also guarentee one hundred percent uptime, which is what we all want!

Best WordPress Hostings of 2015


Best WordPress Hostings of 2015

Bluehost is considered to be one of the top most webhosting providers for wordpress. In this post, you find out some of best features of Bluehost and how you can grab the amazing Bluehost promo discount starting from $3.95 to $5.95 per month.

There are only few shared hosting services that have certainly managed to impress me a lot. Till now, I have used all the top guns in the field of Web hosting, for example, Godaddy, Fatcow, Hostgator, Bluehost and many others, but frankly speaking, Bluehost hosting service always tops the list of “Top webhosting companies of the world” because their servers are well-optimized for the platform of WordPress. Even recommends Bluehost as the best hosting service for wordpress users.

Bluehost Promo code: $4.95 hosting for 2 years:

The discount link given at the bottom will help you to get an unlimited web hosting service from Blue host by paying $5.95 per month for a year plan, 4.95 dollars per month for two years plan & 3.95 dollars per month for 3 years plan. I personally prefer 3 years plan hosting to my readers because it can save you a huge amount of money. Further more, if you are looking for a dedicated hosting plan, you can upgrade it just from your cPanel & all your remaining payments will get adjusted.

There isn’t any requirement of a coupon to get discount on Bluehost, you simply need to visit this link & sign up.

Also check out some of the best features that Bluehost has got:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Php5
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Excellent customer support
  • FTP access
  • One click WordPress installation.
  • Shell Access
  • cPanel Hot link protection
  • Unlimited addon domains
  • Free Domain
  • Perl 5

In short, Bluehost have got almost each and everything that you want for your wordpress hosting.

To get Bluehost hosting for 3.95 dollars for 2 to 3 years term:

Signup for 2 or 3 years plan to avail hosting for as low as 4.95 dollars per month and 3.95 dollars per month. Other than hosting, you are also going to get one free domain.

You can get Bluehost hosting for just 3.95 dollars and 4.95 dollars and you will need to avail the discount as soon as possible because this offer will not last longer.


Best WordPress Hostings of 2015

JustHost provides an unlimited hosting & fabulous customer support. Its no doubt the best choice for the people that are looking for a quality web hosting. They do not offer (VPS hosting), but an uptime of 99.9% still appeals its customers.

Also check: How to Choose a Great Domain Name

Incredible customer support service:

JustHost have made it extremely easy to get in touch with them by offering various support channels, including, live chat, phone, email, Twitter and Facebook. Support is available for 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can also check out the average time period on their website that they will take to solve your problems. Trust me! It becomes very annoying sometimes when we are losing visitors because of any problem in the site and this is why, one should always think a lot before choosing any hosting service.

From one account you can get multiple website hostings:

In JustHost hosting, there isn’t any limit on the number of domains that you can host on your account and each and every domain will be able to get the facility of unlimited sub-domains along with add-on and parked domains. All these cool features in combination with the unlimited Just Host’s bandwidth & disk space helps your website to grow with the passage of time.

Guarantee of 99.9% uptime:

With this hosting, you will have no tension knowing that everything will be done by them to ensure that your website is always running smoothly without any downtime. Considering that, their charges totally deserves the quality they are providing to their customers. I have personally faced many issues with my previous hosting’s and I know how problematic is to watch your site getting offline during peak hours because of server issues.

Great tools for business:

Those who are looking for a website for their businesses are definitely going to appreciate extra tools that JustHost have got for the marketing purposes. All the transferred domains and new ones will get $25 of Yahoo ad credits and $100 of Google AdWords ad credits. Any one who is looking to sell his or her products online will also like the shopping cart and ecommerce software, which is available for everybody to install it on their sites. These kind of tools can be very effective to increase sales and quick start your business.

No fees for setup:

While searching for a webhosting service, it is very important to look at the setup fees and an additional fees along with the monthtly charges. Most of the companies charge very high amount of charges as a setup cost with the monthly charges, but as far as JustHost is concerned, they have waived the fees of setup. Isn’t that pretty amazing?

The Details

Costs and Fees

Domain Migration Fee                 None
Domain Name Fee                           None
Setup Fee                                              None
Shared Hosting Annual Fee       $35.40
Shared Hosting Monthly Fee     $2.95


Email Storage                                     Unlimited
Number of Email Addresses      Unlimited

Web Hosting

Bandwidth                                               Unlimited
Disk Space                                                Unlimited
Money Back Guarantee                      30 Days
Number of Domains                            Unlimited
Number of MySQL Databases         5



Monthly Fee:$2.25
Annual Fee: $27


*Account Settings : You can make the change in your account settings.
*cPanel : Your account is equipped with cPanel.
*DNS Management : You can easily manage the domain name settings from your control panel.
*Manage Email Accounts : You can also manage your email accounts.
*Software Downloads : You can download software during the time you are logged in your account.
*Website Stats : You can have a look at your website statistics.


Best WordPress Hostings of 2015


SiteGround is unique from all other hosting’s in a sense that its cheap, has an extremely fast loading speed and as far as its performance is concerned, its just fantastic. Its packages starts from as low as 9.95 dollars per month, which is its regular price & goes till 29.95 dollars per month regular price.

The 1st package of SiteGround hosting is named as StartUp and it supports 1 website with less then 10 thousand visitors on a monthly basis & if your website has got more than 1 lakh visits per month than you need to go for the biggest package of SiteGround that also supports multiple websites.

Best WordPress Hostings of 2015

All the prices written in this above shown image are after discount and only for the 1st time. Regular prices will be charged on the renewal of your hosting.


Best WordPress Hostings of 2015

GoDaddy is way too popular because of its reasonable rates. Their starter plan is as low as $1.09/ month, besides that, it has 2 more packages as well that are worth spending upon.

Godaddy’s WordPress Hosting gives you 3 different packages namely:

  • Starter
  • Business
  • Pro

For all the newbies out there, the Starter Godaddy wordpress hosting is best choice for you and as far as the business and Pro hosting plans are concerned, both are for experts that have got huge amount of traffic on their blogs.

Check out how to Get Godaddy Free domain with $1/month hosting.


Best WordPress Hostings of 2015

We have already reviewed Hostgator on BloggingHeat, check it out: Review of Hostgator Shared Hosting Plan and Discount Codes.

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Best WordPress Hostings of 2015

1&1 is the cheapest webhosting provider and if you are just about to start your blogging career, you need to go for 1&1 Hosting. Check out one of its offer: Get 1&1 WP unlimited Hosting with Free domain for 0.99$/month only.

WP Engine:

Best WordPress Hostings of 2015

We have already covered a review on WP Engine on BloggingHeat.


Best WordPress Hostings of 2015

Awesome customer support & the most attractive advertizing (bonuses) in the entire online market makes iPage different from all other hosting’s. You can even host unlimited no: of domains in it, which is simply amazing.

Capability of hosting unlimited domains:

iPage makes it possible for you to host so many domains by using one account and they also give you one free domain on registration.

Besides that, it gives you:

  • You are allowed to add as many sub-domains as you can to a single domain.
  • Parked & add-on domains are (unlimited)

With the quality of handling lots of domains and managing them at a single place, iPage is the most recommended web hosting solution for all my readers. If you are planning something like 100 websites, go for it right now.

Superb customer support:

iPage provides 24/7 email, chat and phone support with an immediate response to solve all your problems. It hardly takes about 1 minute to get answered on phone. For those people who want their problem to be solved by themselves, the ipage website has got so many helpful articles in it including tutorials and other informative stuff to setup and maintain their site. You will also find easy to use video tutorials for some of the tasks to solve your problems.

Dedicated SSL and shared certificates:

SSL certificates are important for everybody, who wants to sell his items online. Dedicated SSL enables your customers to spend time on your website for the completion of their transaction without transferring them to another website. There are so many websites in the market that are offering shared SSL certificate, so its a good bonus by iPage that its offering a (dedicated) one.

Simplest management of account:

All the iPage hosting packages provide cPanel, which is most commonly used as a hosting (control panel). You can easily manage your email addresses, domain, account settings and many other things from there. You can also manage the domain name settings & view stats of your site with the no: of visitors. cPanel of iPage is more easy and intuitive to learn and navigate in comparison with all other hosting providers. There is no doubt that a newbie will feel way too much comfortable with iPage hosting.

Easy to use webdesign tools:

Those who are lacking expertise of designing their own site will definitely going to love the tools provided by iPage. iPage offers an amazing drag and drop version of site builder that helps to insert pages depending on your liking’s. iPage is also offering tools to design mobile based versions of your websites.

Lots of bonuses in the form of free advertizing coupons and stuff:

Its pretty common for the hosting companies to gift some free advertizing coupons on signup to their customers, but very few webhosting providers can compete with the offerings of iPage. They are currently offering 100 dollars of free Google Adwords advertizing on spending 25 dollars, a 50 dollars Facebook advertizing coupon and 25 dollars on Bing and Yahoo advertizements. If all these offers aren’t enough, iPage has got a big list in, as well as a free (toll-free) phone number for your business or a company.

The Details

Costs and Fees

  • Domain Migration Fee=                       None
  • Domain Name Fee=                                 $14.99 for 1 year
  • Setup Fee=                                                   None
  • Shared Hosting Annual Fee=            $23.88
  • Shared Hosting Monthly Fee=          $1.89

Web Hosting

  • Bandwidth=                                               Unlimited
  • Disk Space=                                                Unlimited
  • Money Back Guarantee=                      Anytime
  • Number of Domains=                           Unlimited
  • Number of MySQL Databases=        Unlimited
  • Email Storage=                                              250MB
  • Number of Email Addresses=               Unlimited

How To Select A Perfect Domain And Hosting:

People always select web hosting service on the basis of how cheap it is and feedbacks given by different people, however, we should also look at the technical factors.

Following are 3 main factors and the rankings of web hosting companies:


Numbers always matter because its all about trust. A newbie is not aware about the technicalities and he or she will always check how many people are using it.

So, here’s the list mentioned below:

1. WILDWESTDOMAINS {37,150,861}
3. ENOM {2,851,506}
4. HOSTGATOR {2,083,731} Review of Hostgator shared hosting with discount codes
5. BLUEHOST {2,033,584}


Do you want your website to go offline during peak hours? Well, its quite obvious that no body wants it to happen.

Check out the list of hosting providers that has got almost 99% of uptime!

1. GODADDY {99.98%} How to get Godaddy $1.49 domain name without using coupon code
2. A SMALL ORANGE {99.98%}
4. BLUEHOST {99.95%}
5. 1AND1 {99.91%}


Speed is a very big issue because it effects the bounce rate of the website. You should always go for a high speed hosting, if you don’t want to loose your visitors.

Check out the list:

1. A SMALL ORANGE {540 ms}
2. GODADDY HOSTING{572 ms} How to get free domain name with $1 /month hosting
3. 1 AND 1 {854 ms}
4. IPAGE {897 ms}
5. BLUEHOST {932 ms}

These were some of the best WordPress Hostings of 2015 according to our experience. However, you can also suggest some of your favorites in the comments section.

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