In basic terminology, a backlink is a link received by a web page from another web page, and it can also be addressed by the terms incoming/inbound links. Before Search engines were introduced to the WWW, backlink checker was the main source of web navigation, and today they hold their significance in SEO (Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving the visibility of a website on un-paid search engine result pages (SERPs), with the incorporation of search engine friendly elements into a website. The number of backlinks is a directing method towards the popularity and importance of a particular web page.

Get ultimate Success by using Backlink Checker

Backlink checker, the name flamboyantly speaking for itself, allows you to monitor your SEO backlinks. Backlinks used to be the most prioritized parameters for website ranking but since then Google has demoted this priority of theirs, and added more signals in order to rank a website. Backlinks can be categorized in two sub divisions, Dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks. Using backlink checker we are able to check how many Dofollow backlinks we have been able to create for our website, and a healthy number helps immensely in gaining a good site rank.

Now that we know how awesome backlinks are, how do we boost them? A few methods include:

  • Exchange links to your website with others.
  • Submitting articles in your area of expertise can be an excellent way to create inbound links.
  • Bookmarking on social sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) is a less time consuming and much benefiting way, since applications like Hootsuite allow you to propagate multiple sites, so you can share fun links and backlinks both to keep the number rising.
  • Guest blogs and comments on blogs also help to create backlinks to your site.

A wise man once said, “With backlinks come bad links”, and that wise man was me. More often than not it is a good choice to identify the bad links in your website and remove them. For an official start, contact webmasters and ask them to remove the links from your website, and since the likelihood of this contact to be ignored is high, two other alternatives can be used. Contact your website hosting company, and ask them to do the honors or check out the tutorial of using Google Disavow Tool. With more links come more bad links, and the highest probability of them stopping by your site is from

  • Social Bookmarking websites
  • Auto approved comments from sites that are not moderated
  • Links from pages with miniscule content
  • Duplicated content websites
  • Link directories
  • Irrelevant website links

The backlinks go by the motto “The more the better”, bad links can be harmful for your site popularity as it reduces the chances of your site popping up on Google and other search engines, so use your backlink checker wisely, identify the inflow of links, and keep your site ranking raised!

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