Report: More than 198 million people now use an adblocker

There is no surprise that adblocker has now such a huge amount of people who are operating this. Adblocker is atop of everything and it’s continuously rising in 2015; since last year it has gone up by 41%.

This report was published on Page fair and adobe which states that nearly 200 million people are currently using adblocking tools, and it is though that it will nearly cost publishers more than $2.8 billion.

Adblocker-A threat for Publishers

If we analyze this ratio to global internet population it might look very low i.e. it’s just the six percent of global internet population. However on the other hand it is seen that it accounts for about 14 percent of global ad spent. This report also predicts that by 2016 it will cost publishers around $41 billion.

Anyhow it’s useless to indulge yourself in the dilemma whether adblocker is worth it or not, because this report has clearly stated that its practice is picking up at a pretty greater pace and it has been observed that this business has gone up to 48% in US and by 82% in UK since last year.

Adblocker-A threat for Publishers

As you all must be aware that smart phone are also been used widely in promotion of media; however, it is said that mobile phone accounts for 38% of browsing. According to PageFair it was estimated that it accounts for less than 2% of alternative ads been done using phone and tablets.

It has also been predicted that adblocker plug-in and apps will show an upgraded outcome using mobile phone after the launch of apple’s upcoming iOS9 which might allow third party adblocking tools.

Last but not the least it is advised to keep the fact in mind that these numbers are sketching the outline of growing market. Market is now growing at a faster speed and hopefully it will keep growing.

In nut shell, I’d just like to conclude that adblocker thing is now rising and about 198 million people are associated with it. It has been evident from the records that this rate has risen tremendously since 2014 and it is estimated that it will continue to rise. New ways are going to be introduced so as to enhance its use by allowing certain apps to run on mobile phone and tablets.

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