If you are having a blog and your main source of income from that blog is Adsense, you simply can not ignore how important the Adsense optimization is for you. If we talk about “Adsense Optimization” there are so many things that come to our mind, but our main aim is to get “high eCPM” & more CPC(Cost Per Click). Despite of having a decent Adsense CTR, there is a chance that you might not be earning that much. This mostly happens with the blogs that are using languages other than English. It is time to tell you few important things that will definitely help you to increase “Adsense CPC” & your total revenue.

9 Ways to Increase Adsense CPC With Simple Tweaks

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Key Factors that can affect the Adsense CPC:


Firstly, you need to choose right “niche” for your website or a blog. CPC(Cost Per Click) of an advertizement totally depends on the niche of your articles. You might be thinking, where to find a list of those niches that pays very well, well, its mentioned below in my list in the order of increase in revenue to decrease in revenue:

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  • Domains – Blogs or websites on “Internet Domains” e.g Go Daddy, Yahoo, etc. (This niche pays highest Cost Per Click)
  • Gadgets – Gadgets For example: Android phones, Apple iPhones, etc.
  • Google – Products made by Google
  • Microsoft – Microsoft Office
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans
  • Jobs
  • Dating & Romance – It pays lowest CPC.

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2nd most important thing is content. You have to write content that answers readers questions. So, at the time of making your posts, try to work on what actually your visitors are looking for on the net & then provide them with possible solutions.

Always remember that you need to get engaged with your visitors directly. Your posts should be tailored in accordance with your niche to attract more and more readers on your site. Well-researched content will ensure an increased Adsense cost per click rates. As we all know that search engine algorithm’s always love good content, which means, you are going to get more more clicks if your advertizement is targeted and your visitors are mostly coming from western part of the world like UK and USA. At the time of doing a keyword research, always try to use “Approximate CPC column”

Ad Review Center:

You will find Ad Review Center in Google Adsense. It gives you all the details about how much cpc each category will give you.If you discover that any particular ad is not worth it on your site then block it asap.

Block all those categories that are irrelevant to your content. Lets suppose, if your blog is about Travel, then block ad categories like Politics, Dating, Religion etc. This technique will definitely increase Cost per click & adsense revenue of your site.

Competitive Ad Filter:

Google Adsense has got a competitive Ad Filter similar to Ad Review Center. You have to go there & block the general and specific ads that are showing on your pages. Besides that, you can also block ads on the entire “domain” These ads might belong to competitors of your site, therefore, your revenue will increase rapidly just by blocking those ads.


Your website can be accessed from many different platforms e.g, mobile, desktop, laptop, etc. Although, there is a very minor chance of cpc to get affected by the device on which your ad is being shown, but still, you can try to target your visitors as much as you can. These days, you will find that most of your traffic is coming from smartphones and tabs and this is why, it has become compulsory to start planning how to deal with them.

If you are using WordPress, you can make use of Wp Touch plugin. This plugin will make your website (mobile friendly).


I think, everybody knows how important it is to target specific countries. USA, UK, Canada and some other countries can give you as much as 2 to 3 dollars per click. However, if the same clicks comes from countries like Pakistan or India, you will get even less than 20 to 10 cents.

Considering all the above mentioned factors, one need to tailor his or her blog accordingly to increase their page rank as well as cpc rates.

Format of images and Text:

Well! I should have explained about the format of images and text earlier in this post, unfortunately, It didn’t come in my mind. No issues, let us discuss it right now. Every blogger should know how to select right ad format for his or her blog. If you re only allowed to use 3 ads on one page, then you can select 1 468*60 ad and 2 336*280 ads.

Remember, that the format of your ad must be text because they have got high Click through rate (CTR) in comparison with images. You can also give a try both (images and text ad formats) simultaneously to get more cost per click. Image ad format is normally less preferred because of its lexx CPC and less CTR. Though, we have also seen that some image ads also give you good CPC due to the type and niche of blog.

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Ad placement:

Always consider ad placement very important because its a major reason of not getting good earnings. Now the question is, which place do we put our ads to get maximum cost per click? Its pretty simply! You need to insert two ads with in your blog post and one outside the blog post. As far as the inside ads are concerned, their size should be 336*280 (rectangle ads) on the upper portion of your blog, that is just below the “title” and 2nd ad of (468*60) size in between the blog post. The last remaining ad can be used at the right hand side and outside of the post.

Try many experiments:

Always try to do something unique, as it might turn out to be a gem for you. You can use different advertizement placements, different niches, etc.

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