Do you know that it is possible to publish Kindle ebook without any hassle and earn $100 per day from it.

You don’t?

Well, I’m going to tell you all that in just a minute!

Remember, the most amazing thing about this Kindle ebook selling is that you can easily put anything & start selling it on Amazon’s Kindle store in a very short time span.

Lets starts those 9 steps to launch Kindle ebook and earn $100 per day:

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1- Select a (Broad-niche):

While selecting a niche, you need to follow some rules. Firstly, you need to be sure that are people going to buy books related to that niche or not?

In other words, you need to select a niche, which is not that common and there isn’t any book available on that topic on Amazon. To look for the (best-selling-books), you can browse Amazon categories.

Secondly, you need to select a “broad-niche” on which, you can create different titles.

The best example of a broad niche can be of (Habit-development). You can write so many titles on it like habit of eating even if you are not hungry, over usage of pain killers, etc.

Selecting a niche that can appeal a huge amount of public will be extremely beneficial for you!

2- Plan for a long term:

Always go for a long term plan, if you want to do wonders with any of your product.

Once, your account will become a library of books on a similar niche, the buyers of your single book will also check the other books in your account. I mean, for me at least, this is the most effective method to increase sales.

Its just like finding a target customer & selling him additional stuff.

3- You need to check if your category is having enough buyers or not?

To check how well your category is performing, you need to have a look on “Amazon’s Best Seller Rank”.

This is the most important thing to do because it will either force you to try any other topic or remain with the same one.

The category on which your books are should be present in the Amazon best seller rank under 10k.

Note: Do remember that lower rank means the category is performing well.

23 steps to launch Kindle ebook and earn $100 per day


23 steps to launch Kindle ebook and earn $100 per day


23 steps to launch Kindle ebook and earn $100 per day


4- Brainstorm the topics for your Kindle ebook:

After selecting a perfect niche that will give you a lot of success in future & category that is being ranked very high, now, its time for you to brainstorm your topics.

Process of brainstorming:

Write down ten different (potential-topics) related to your niche by, following top 3 steps in this post. Lets suppose, if your category is “dogs”, any topic related with (how dogs communicate and think) will be sold very easily.

Also Check out some of the following topics:

  • Communication with dogs
  • How can you keep your house organized while having dogs
  • Relationship between children & dogs
  • etc.

This was just an example, but I hope you got the main idea behind it. Unfortunately, no software can check how many books will be sold on the topic that you have chosen.

However, On Amazon, you will find (real-world-data) to get enough idea.

Note: You need to write at least 2500 words minimum in your Kindle ebook.

5- Create good looking book title’s:

Always remember that the book title is extremely very critical. You might also have heard about the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

However, by reading titles, people create snaps in their mind regarding what the book is about. I have seen some people that they focus more on making good looking cover pictures, but when it comes to their titles, they are not that attractive.

A small series of attractive words known as “title” helps you to target customers that are desperately looking for the topic on which your book is upon.

Also note that, writing a good book title is exactly same as writing an email subject or a title of your blog post. Therefore, if you are already having a blog of your own, creating awesome titles will not be a big deal for you.

Hope it helps!

6- Create a professional cover for your ebook:

A person can easily guess whats inside the book with its cover as well as its title. These days, there are many user friendly apps available on the net that helps you to make outstanding covers without any need of Photoshop or other typical graphic software.

Just watch this video and you are done!

7-Research keywords:

You can use as much as seven keyword phrases while launching your ebook. Besides that, your ebook is also going to show up on many other keywords depending on the performance and few other factors.


  • Also remember to use keywords in your title and description
  • You can change keywords any time you want because there isn’t any restriction on it.

To look for keywords, you can use Amazon suggestions:

9 steps to launch Kindle ebook and earn $100 per day


Also check: 6 Awesome Tools To Find Long Tail Keywords For Any Niche

8- How to promote your ebooks to increase sales:

You can advertise your ebook on following Facebook groups and also list it on the sites mentioned below:

Facebook Groups:

  1. Free E-Books Download
  2. Free Kindle and Nook eBooks for Readers
  3. Free Kindle Books
  4. Awesome Free Kindle Books Here!
  5. Free Books

click here to check the Sites to list your ebook:

9- Launch book to Your email list first:

If you are having an email list with you, you need to send them a FREE DOWNLOAD LINK of your ebook and ask them to give reviews on it.

Trust me, its the best way to get instant reviews.

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