Fiverr can help you to make a lot of money because its one of the best freelance websites online. However, you can get in trouble, if someone leaves a poor rating and a negative feedback on your Fiverr gig. You will find lots of different Fiverr sellers who have managed to complete thousands of orders without getting any negative review from their buyers. The reason why they have not got a single negative review is that they are providing top quality services to their customers, but do you think that its the only thing to avoid negative feedback? Well, I don’t think so!

As far as the human behavior is concerned, if any person liked your gig, it is not 100% confirmed that the other person will also like it. So, just in case somebody has left a negative feedback on any of your gigs, you don’t need to worry a lot because in this post, I will tell you a method to remove it to make your gigs look clean and tidy.

5 ways to Remove Negative Reviews and Ratings from your Fiverr Gig

Here are the 5 ways to Remove Negative Review and Ratings on your Fiverr Gigs:

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  1. Get in touch with your buyer  via private messages and ask if he or she can reconsider the ratings and reviews that he has given.
  2. Create a notice to inform buyers that if he or she is not fully satisfied with your services, you will adjust or Re-do that service once again, so please contact me asap before launching a review.
  3. Apologize and accept your mistake and also offer bonus or extra services to that unhappy buyer, if he or she agrees to delete negative feedback.
  4. If nothing works, simply offer a refund to your buyer, if he or she agrees to delete negative ratings and feedback.This can be done, if a buyer himself requests Fiverr to remove it.
  5. The last thing you can do is to work extremely hard in order to increase the (order-rate), so that your hundred percent ratings don’t hurt. For instance, if you are having 1000 awesome ratings, 1 or 2 negative ratings will not affect you much.

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