In this post, I will be discussing 5 different methods to make money by uploading torrents.

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With the help of Affiliate Marketing:

To get started, you will need an affiliate program, a url shortner, a niche & a software, which can convert your word files into a PDF format. Once, you’ve got all these things, simply, create an ebook, its cover and choose any specific (product), which you are looking to promote. At the end, place an affiliate link at the very beginning of your ebook & also at the end.

However, before doing that, do make sure that your affiliate allows traffic from Torrents.

5 Ways To Make Money By Uploading Torrents

PPC (Pay Per Download):

You can also make money by (uploading-torrents). Wanna know how?

Well, here you go:

Lets suppose, if you upload a “movie” on so many torrent websites online, you can increase the no: of downloads and earn huge amount of money by that. However, you will have to wait for some time and also work really hard because for uploading, you will need a real good internet connection and quite a lot of patience as well.

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Using many different platforms:

While, using PPC method to make money online, you can make use of blogging and Youtube as well.

Check out how:

  • Upload a software torrenton any site, which has got a limit of as much as 200mb.
  • After doing that, start promoting it with the help of blogging and Youtube, in order to get lots of downloads.

Torrent Tracker:

Another cool way of making money online is to upload torrents on some torrent trackers, but for that purpose, you will need to do a bit of research to know what are the things that are (trending-on-Torrents). After doing that,  you can upload any games, applications or a software in a .zip format or a .rar format. Also put a password on them, so that when ever anybody opens it, he or she will be required to visit the website, in order to download the password.

How are you gonna paid by that?

When anybody will download that password, you are gonna paid by that.

Working along with a company, which also uses torrents:

There are some companies that pay you money, when you upload torrents. Here, you might be thinking that why are they gonna pay us, so the answer is that, it will help their software to get promoted. You can also call it a kind of an advertszement. These companies normally pay from 25 cents to as much as 75 cents for every single download.

Hope, you are definitely gonna use these methods to make huge amount of money online!

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