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One day, I was just having a dinner with my friend in a restaurant, during which, he showed me a (Funny text message) that he received from his mom. After reading that particular text message, I gave my opinion in following words: (When-parents-text-it’s-hillarious) and my friend responded (Hey, that can actually become a website). This is how we named our website as and just after a year or so, we were able to get as much as five million website hits each month.

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It was way too simple because we had an aim to look for a specific audience and gain their attention. We purchased a domain name  & used Tumblr as a blogging platform. Its not only easy to use, but it has also got a dedicated (user base). Trust me, you don’t require a lot of technical knowledge to make your own blog on Tumblr.

The next thing happened with us was just a MAGIC! MIND BLOWN! Just after a few weeks time, we were viral all over & publishers, producers, agents, all of them started to send requests to us for the repackaging of our content in different media forms. With in 2 months, we got more than 50k Tumblr fans & a huge fan following that was sharing our stuff on their pages as well as many other social media websites on the net.

Tumblr has done a lot for me and therefore, I would like to give you some of my secret tips in short about how every one should use it:

Keeping it Simple:

While using Tumblr, you are gonna find many different themes that you can select from. Some of them are for free and some will cost you. No matter which theme you select, it should look clean. I have seen many Tumblr themes that are using pretty overwhelming-colors & they have got so many boxes on their single page, therefore, people find it extremely difficult to read and follow each one of them. Try to keep your posts properly streamlined and theme extremely simple.

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5 Best Ways To Get Mass Traffic From Tumblr

Re-blogging is one of the best advantage that Tumblr offers us. Once, you are gonna follow different blogs, all their posts will be shown to you with in your “newsfeed” that will give you an opportunity to re-blog any post to the entire list of followers you have. This particular option is very important for blogs to gain “traction.” It is possible for you to share your website posts with lots of people despite of having just a small quantity of followers in your own list with the help of re-blogging. You are simply required to create really interesting posts that should include different forms of media like audios. interactive stuff, videos, etc to force your followers to (re-blog) your website content as much as they can.

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Explore Page:

5 Best Ways To Get Mass Traffic From Tumblr

Ask your fans and friends to recommend you to their Tumblr admins. If you’ve got a good looking blog that will get attention of the Tumblers,
there is a chance that your blog can be placed at the “Tumblr explore page.” If this thing works for you, your traffic will be trippled. I have personally seen huge amount of views on my blog by doing this.

Redirect your users to Twitter and Facebook:

Do remember to include Twitter and Facebook feeds with in your Tumblr blogs because Tumblr is not just about re-blogging and following each other, in fact it also allows your fans to follow you on many other forms of media.

Update your blog as much as you can:

You never know what will work for you in the starting and therefore, during first few-weeks, you will have to post lots of funny texts on your blog. What it will do is that it will give your followers reason to re-check your blog again and again.

Getting Tumblr traffic by posting Memes:

5 Best Ways To Get Mass Traffic From Tumblr

Memes are extremely popular on Tumblr. They can even be created with the help of paint or different online tools available on the net. If you are on a phone, you can also use a normal picture editor to make instant memes. You just need to create funny and interesting memes to attract your followers.

Importance of Tags in Tumblr:

5 Best Ways To Get Mass Traffic From Tumblr

If you will not use relevant tags in your posts, you will miss out a great deal of traffic.

Note: If you are thinking that Tumblr is a place, where you will just post your website links and you will get instant traffic then you are doing a big mistake because Tumblr wants you to spend time on it like you do on Facebook and Twitter.

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