2015 will be a fantabulous year for the marketers world wide. In accordance with my experience, I believe that there are going to be so many changes in online marketing.

Before making any marketing plan, you need to read these 10 predictions mentioned below and follow them to compete with other brands.

Marketing predictions 2015:

Guest post (links) won’t work real good for you:

You people might be making use of guest posts in order to generate backlinks because you think that it works really well.

Sure, there are few warnings given by the search engines that you should not do this. However, many of us ignore it because we do see short term improvements in ranking. The reason why its still working is that it takes quite a lot of time for these big companies to adapt according to their algorithms.

In the upcoming 12 months, there is a chance that Google will update its “algorithm” in order to devalue lots of links. Whereas,  It will not be a penalty because algorithm will assume that you are (avoiding “rich anchor”), but as far as the rankings are concerned, these links won’t help you much.

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SEO is going to become tough!

You might remember how the penguin and Panda updates have affected many websites few years back. Therefore, it is also expected that this year, Google will make many more updates to make things extremely difficult for the SEO experts to manipulate rankings. As far as their names are concerned, who knows, which animal name Google is going to choose next!

The only thing in your hands will be to focus more on making better services, products and improve the overall content present on your site.

Now, the question here is that shall we stop doing search engine optimization? Well, definitely not! Instead, try spending more on PPC rather than on SEO.

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Social Media will perform a very important role:

Do you know that why some blogs are more successful than others? Well, besides having a good content, social media also performs a very important role to make your blog popular.

For example, BloggingHeat started getting a real good amount of traffic just after its launch because of its Facebook group named as BloggingMadness. You might be thinking that our content is different and better than many other websites, but besides that, this huge following also helped us to get 100% targeted traffic.

Companies are going to spend more and more on social media in the year 2015, instead of relying just on search engine traffic.

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People will shift towards (creative-approaches):

There will be a significant amount of rise in the traditional channels for advertising such as SEO, PPC and Social Media marketing. For that reason, many new avenues will be explored by the companies.

Lemme give you an example of Gary Vaynerchuk, who plastered ads in the New York city for the promotion of his “new book”. If you look closely, he has also mentioned his phone number in the ad.

10 Marketing Predictions You Should Prepare for in 2015

This campaign got so much success that Gary Vaynerchuk’s cell phone almost got blown up and he was able to sell lots and lots of books because of that.

If we talk about ROI, not every product will give you a same return from these kind of creative “marketing campaigns”, So, you will have to keep on experimenting in the year 2015.

Companies are gonna make software to get massive traffic:

Free tools get huge amount of traffic, that’s why you should create or ask some one to create one for your website. On BloggingHeat, we are also providing Free backlinker tool to our visitors and believe it or not, we are getting plenty of visitors on it daily.

No matter, on what niche your website is on, you can make tools on any topic.

Lemme give you another example:

If you have a mortgage related website, you can also create Free mortgage calculator tool on your website.

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