21st century is referred as the century of globalization, in which people got freedom to do things in their own way. The world of internet provided them a platform to express and surf everything, but this century of freedom has also faced some restrictions from many fronts. Today, there are many countries, that have banned various useful websites, however now people can surf all those websites without facing any kind of restrictions with the help of proxy websites.

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Proxy sites are hidden gateways to the world of internet that creates VPN for the users. These websites allow you to access almost each and every blocked website that exists in the world of internet.

Below is the list of proxy sites that you can use to enjoy a new world of internet surfing:

1. Hidemyass.com

In the list of web proxy sites, Hidemyass holds the top most position. In 2014 ratings, it was voted one of the best Proxy websites. The reason behind this is that this particular proxy offers features that are very easy to understand. It doesn’t only allow you to view the banned sites, but also helps you in changing the proxy and IP of the websites.

2. Proxify:

Proxify also holds a good reputation among users. It enables the user to view the websites in an anonymous way. The site supports all kinds of encrypts and hides your IP address completely.

3.  Anonymouse:

This one is available for users from many years. Anonymouse server allows the user to avail lowest subscription packages. These packages help the user to upgrade to faster proxy servers. Another distinctive feature of anonymouse that makes it different from other proxy servers is that it supports both English and German languages

4. Ninja clock:

It enables a user to browse banned websites in a more secured way by hiding your IP address and thus your identity is secured. The proxy software utilizes the CGI.

5. Proxy.org:

By using proxy software, you can sort your IP as per your country. Proxy.org is a wonderful proxy software, which allows you to browse websites for free and make own listings.

6. Zend2:

In the list of proxy websites, Zend2 is also quite famous among the users. Through the proxy server, you can encode your URL and remove scripts thus providing you a better platform for browsing.

7. Jumbo proxy:

The jumbo proxy is among those websites that are 24/7 available for the users. It gives you a full access to social networks like Facebook, twitter and my space.

8. Boom proxy:

Another remarkable proxy website that gives its user full access to all banned and blocked websites. This site is very simple and easy to understand.

9. Dontfilter:

It is an American proxy website. With this proxy server, one can access any website with an American IP address. This site is very much user friendly.

10. Kproxy:

The Kproxy site is different from all other websites in a way that it supports 5 different IP addresses at the same time. Thus, by using the proxy, one can enjoy full access to YouTube.

Proxy sites can also help yours to Play Safely with ‪Youtube and Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic.

11. The rpoxy free:

It works best for people that are new to proxy sites. This site enables the user to understand the proxy in a better way.

12. Vtunnel.com:

This one holds distinctive and unique features. With this server, one can operate the social accounts in a normal way.

13. Blewpass:

It is best suitable for users, who want to bypass the internet filters. This site works well for school and office workers.

14. Anonymizer:

If you want to browse the banned websites with an anonymous IP address, nothing can match the proxy server. It offers a free service to browse all blocked websites.

15. Xroxy.com:

It can be accessed for free or a user can also pay for its services. If any user wants to access more than 500 proxy sites, he can get the registered version of the proxy.

16. 000freeproxy:

It is very famous among users across the world. The proxy server allows a user to get access to all banned websites. This server is quite famous in US. While using it, one can choose the option of his own choice. With this server, one can remove the Java script or URL and also enable or disable cookies.

17. Freegate:

Freegate is available for use in Chinese and English language. As compared to other proxy sites, free gate server is quite stable than others. With the help of this proxy server, one can visit all kinds of inaccessible websites.

18. Webproxy.net:

The 2013 website rankings places this proxy server at the very top. When you browse any site through this software, the server automatically assigns you the IP address of any country and thus you can enjoy secure browsing.

19. Unblcokyoutube.co.uk:

YouTube is one of the most visited websites. Recently, this site was banned in many countries. To access YouTube, no proxy server can provide such services like that of unblockyoutube.co.uk.

20. Newipnow.com:

The newipnow proxy is one of the leading proxy servers. Through this server, one can completely hide his identity and can choose the IP address of any country. With this sever, you can also get access to the IP addresses of France, Netherlands, US and many other states.

21. Bestyoutubeproxy:

It is also quite popular among the YouTube users. It allows the user to stream banned YouTube videos.

22. 4everproxy.com:

It is the best server for all school and college students. This software can easily bypass all the firewall filters.

23. Unblock facebook proxy:

During the past few years, Facebook has become one of the leading social networks. With the help of unblock facebook proxy server, now one can get anonymous access to his Facebook account. The server hides your identity and thus you can use your account without any fear.

24. Efree times:

Efreetimes is one of the proxy servers that gives you access to all your favorite banned and blocked websites.

25. London proxy:

London proxy is the best server that is mostly used by the citizens of London. This software enables the user to unlock websites of his choice.

26. Hidden digital:

The hidden digital proxy website server hides your identity and allows you to surf site without any kind of hindrance. This server is free to use.

27. Network bypass:

If you want to bypass the firewall protection, then nothing can replace this website. With this server, you can change your IP address and can also hide your identity.

28. Unblock my web:

Unblockmyweb proxy server can help you to surf websites freely. Using this proxy, now you can get access to any of blocked website.

Also, Ghank has compiled the best and the fastest ways to unblock youtube easily.

29. VPN browse:

The virtual private network proxy server allows free access to every user. This website assigns a distinctive IP address to every user and thus the original id of the user is kept safe.

30. EXCS:

EXCS started its parent site in Netherlands. Recently, the sister site is also available for the users in Asia. The proxy site is ranked as the best data center of Singapore.

31. Fish proxy:

It was developed by the Czech Republic. It allows free browsing to all banned websites. The server can bypass web filters easily.

32. Dzhot.us:

If you are tired of slow proxy servers, this website can solve all your problems and you can get fast access to all your sites.

33. Funproxy.net:

This software will hide your identity and assign you a different IP address. Through fun proxy ,one caan get access to all social networks.

34. Singapore proxy:

If you want to access the proxy websites in any educational institution, the Singapore server can do the task.

35. Intern cloud:

Using this proxy server, you can get full freedom to browse all your favorite websites.

36. Zalmos:

The zalmos proxy server is one of the leading and growing proxy servers. This server can hide your identity and assign user a distinctive IP address.

37. Canada proxy:

If you reside in the state of Canada, hiding your IP address and browsing the banned websites is not a problem anymore. With Canada proxy, now you can get access to all your sites.

38. Brazil proxy:

The Brazil proxy website is one of the famous proxy websites in Brazil. This proxy server is very easy to use and can bypass all the filters.

39. Spedo:

With this proxy software, you can use all kinds of banned and blocked websites. This server assigns you an IP address that completely hides your identity.

40. Star doll proxy:

If you are facing any problem to access your favorite website, this browser can help you out. It works efficiently and is also the fastest.

41. Pkproxy:

The PK or Pakistan proxy website server is a famous server in Pakistan. This proxy site gives free access to all banned websites.

42. Surf for free:

If you want anonymous surfing then surf for free proxy software can help you to open your desired website. It can bypass the firewall and website filters.

43. Work host:

Using this proxy software, you can get free and hidden access to all websites that are blocked or banned in your state.

44. Just unblock it:

Just unblock it is one of the leading proxy sites in the state of America, California and New York. It gives free and fast access to all social networks.

45. Prox me call names:

If you are looking for fast and trusted proxy server, the prox call me names is the best server to be used. The site is easy to use and can cross the firewall protection.

By using these proxy sites you can also Your Country Flag in Fiverr Account

All of the above mentioned Web Proxy Sites are very much safe and reliable to use and can be used without any fear of losing your data. So, now don’t get bored and start browsing your favorite website now.

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