In this list, you will find “4 best wordpress plugins for seo”. You don’t actually need to install all these plugins together because it’s just for information purpose only. You can choose any one of them depending on your previous results and experience, however, if you are making a blog for the first time, I will recommend you Yoast wordpress SEO plugin.

This list comprises premium plugins as well as free seo plugins. However, you must keep that in your mind that premium plugins have got a fair bit of advantage on the free ones. For example, EasyWPSEO is more efficient in keyword optimization than SEO by Yoast plugin. If you think, your SEO plugin is better than the ones mentioned in this list, please don’t hesitate to inform us.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs:

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin:

4 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To get Higher Ranking

The first in my list is Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. It is the best free seo plugin that WordPress has got. It has got lots of features like:

  • Social SEO
  • Adding meta value for (single post)
  • Adding meta value for (homepage)
  • Editing htaccess and editing robots.txt
  • Creating sitemap
  • Controlling indexing of your website

If you are currently using All in one SEO plugin, you need to shift it to Yoast wordpress seo plugin. This cool plugin also integrates features like

RSS footer, Robots meta and many others from many popular plugins.

If you want to learn how to use SEO yoast plugin, click here

SEO smart link WordPress plugin:

4 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To get Higher Ranking

SEO smart link WordPress plugin helps you to link any post in your website through its automatic function. It’s very useful for (on-page optimization) & to find your keywords that are ranking at top places in search engine with the help of Google webmaster tool. However, before using this plugin, I will suggest you to first look for what Google linking algorithm has to say about. If you are looking for any manual way, you can try “WordPress insight plugin.”

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SEO friendly images:

If you are going to optimize your images, you will soon start to get quite a significant amount of visitors from Google image search. This particular plugin adds attributes of ALT text with in your images. However, you will need to check the names of your images. If you are uploading images with its default names like DSC001.jpeg or image003.jpeg, then you should not do this mistake ever again because you won’t get any traffic by giving your images these kind of names, instead, you can keep names in accordance of what it is about.

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Broken link checker:

4 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To get Higher Ranking


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Broken Link Checker is used to check all the external and internal broken links present on your website. These links are (404 links), which means, dead pages. These 404 links are extremely bad for websites in the eyes of search engines, therefore, you are advised to remove it asap with the help of this plugin. However, this plugin can create some issues with your hosting therefore, you should avoid running it during your peak hours.

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