First of all, let me tell you that if you want success in the world of blogging, stop listening to people who call themselves SEO masters because they don’t actually want you to do wonders.

Now, coming towards our topic, in which I am going to tell you whether you should go for 300 words post or 2000 words post, you can answer me this question by your self!

To be frank, If you ask me, if I wasted 10 to 15 minutes of my precious time on reading 2000 words of article and got no benefit, I won’t simply open that website ever again, but lets suppose, if I got the thing that I wanted from a 300 words of informative article, I am definitely going to bookmark that, subscribe that and share that article with my friends and family members.

Once, your informative 300 words post will be shared on any social media network, you’ll start getting social boost and automatically, your rankings will improve. Furthermore, if any of the PR2 or PR5 blog owner loved you post, he or she is going to give you a backlink and will re-post it on his blog.

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What else you want now?

I mean, just tell me, whats the reason of writing a crapy post of 2000 words, in which you are just re-writing content from sites like ezine and many others?

Trust me, its of no use and by doing that, you are just forcing your visitors to press the close button and never ever return to your website in the rest of their lives.

So, if any SEO master tells you that Google is not going to rank your post because you are not meeting its word count requirements, stay quiet and ignore that idiot.

Let me give you one more example! Have you ever seen a blog post ranking high in the search engines and have got no more than a single video embedded in it? This is all I want you to make you understand!

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  1. Sabrez Alam

    Hi Raza…

    Thanks for the great post. Till now, I also heard that if you want to be rank on Google at top positions then you must write articles which are atleat 1000 words count.

    You just cleared my doubt. It is really much better to write a 300 words article then writting 2000 words crappy article with lots of repetation.


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