Do you want your content to be shared by every single visitor that comes to your site?

Umm, lemme tell you a way to do that!

Your blog can simply start growing by convincing your visitors to spread the word by sharing your articles with their friends and family members.

In the marketing technical jargon, this process is called as (viral loop).

How can you find a superb idea & create a good looking article with it?

You might have heard about this (tactic) before, but kindly, do read it because I will try to make it more productive for you people! This technique is called as Skyscraper Technique by Mr. Brian Dean.

This strategy works on a simple (principle) mentioned below:

“If it worked for someone else, it should work for me too!”

You are just required to look for an article, which is performing really good and is related to your niche. After finding it, you need to create your very own article on the same topic (remember it should be far more better than the earlier one).

You can make use of Content Explorer to find viral articles.

How to use Content Explorer?

Simply, insert your keyword in it & this amazing tool will provide you an entire list of (articles) by sorting it out on the basis of the no: of times, its being shared.

3 Content Marketing Growth Hacks To Get More Traffic

To produce a better quality article than the one written already, you need to focus on following things:

  • Research on the particular topic & find new things that weren’t present in the old article.
  • Giving appropriate examples can help you to make things more simple and easy to understand for your readers.
  • Add many relevant pics in your article.
  • Don’t forget to give references from where you have done your research from.

Create all the pics by yourself:

Adding lots of images in your article will increase the chances of other websites to link to it.

In accordance with Moz:

3 Content Marketing Growth Hacks To Get More Traffic

Remember, you should not be using Google images at all, instead make your own pictures.


You can take pictures from your smartphone or a camera and use it on your blog.


Screenshots can be taken with the help of prnt screen or any other online available software and use it on your blog.

Edit images:

Edit images with the help of any online available picture editing app.

Also check: 

3 Content Marketing Growth Hacks To Get More Traffic

How to write a catchy Title?

At the time of sharing our articles on different social media networks, we use our title along with the short link of our article and a featured image, therefore these titles perform a very important role to induce social media users to open up your article.

Now, lemme share with you some of my favorite formulas to create awesome looking titles:

Formula= (Numbers) + (Adjective) + (Target Keyword) + (Rationale) + (Promise)
Example= 5 Amazing Steps to make money online

Formula= How to (Blank) {Even If (Common Obstacle)}
Example= How to Get Thousands of Facebook Likes (Even If you re not a social media expert)

Formula= How to (Blank)= (Numbers) + (Target Keyword) + (Promise)
Example= How To Create Viral Content: 5 Tricks To write contagious articles

Formula= How to (Do Something) While You (Do Something Else)
Example= How to Make money by doing almost nothing.

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