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Multitudes scratch their heads and seem bewildered when it comes to locking yourself up in colossal fortresses on Internet-I mean Internet security. Here VPN-Virtual Private Network makes your life easy and facilitates you with an additional security layer and ensures access to blocked websites all around the globe. Therefore, to get you away in a safe flight from this plight, we present you sixteen free VPN services to make your Internet experience better.

Hot Spot Shield:

16 Free VPN Services

So here comes the first VPN service that has overshadowed the entire market. Hot Spot ensures online privacy along with strong Internet security via Hyper Text Transfer Protocol encryption and decreases your level of susceptibility towards hackers.

Spot Flux

16 Free VPN Services

Spot Flux is another advanced VPN service that protects you from derailing towards malicious sites and programs. It performs plethora of cloud-based calculations, encrypts and compresses mobile traffic to ensure secured browsing.

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16 Free VPN Services

It is also one such VPN tool that allows access to NO-GO areas almost anywhere on the Internet. Let it be a site blocked by your employer, Internet Service Provider or your country’s government. This tool jumps off all the hurdles on the way!


16 Free VPN Services

In addition to conventional jobs of a VPN, it allows you to surf the Internet without leaving any traces behind, thus protecting you from malicious attacks.


16 Free VPN Services

Once you acquire this service, you will certainly not fretting about Internet security and privacy since Cyber Ghost is in the cockpit so they’ll handle the things. All you need to do is browse freely.


16 Free VPN Services

TunnelBear lets you access privately with 500MB free data usage per month. It also blocks those irritating trakers which spy your movements on the web.


16 Free VPN Services

It lets you access and browse privately even through phone and protects malicious attacks.

16 Free VPN Services

As the name suggests, leaves you entirely anonymous on the web and allows safe surfing via algorithmic encryption.


16 Free VPN Services

It offers easy to control and understandable features. It offers no logs and chants the slogan to encrypt everything. Its Internet processing is quite fast and competitive.


16 Free VPN Services

Relieve from censorship and eavesdropping is one prominent amenity this VPN offers. It gives you complete carte blanche to surf the Internet without any restriction from any of the quarters.


16 Free VPN Services

Despite of secured Internet surfing, it leaves no chance of compromising your data via tactics such as tracking, wire trapping etc.


16 Free VPN Services

It is a fast and reliable encryption method which offers free usage of 10GB per month, create no traffic logs and acts as a virtual firewall


16 Free VPN Services

It offers free usage of 300MB per day to ensure safe Internet surfing.


16 Free VPN Services

It offers free connection and switches your server location in about 20 countries, which is a tough job to trace. Data encryption for Internet sessions remains same for all VPNs.


16 Free VPN Services

In addition to basic amenities, it distinctively offers you 250MB per day data usage to boast around over the Internet.


16 Free VPN Services

Yes it’s amazing! Because it offers you unlimited bandwidth to surf around the Internet and cover yourself under the umbrella of secure VPN from radiant malicious rays.

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