Other than getting social media traffic, search engine traffic is also very important for every website. No matter, what type of website you are having, search engines can bring huge amount of relevant traffic on your site. Relevant traffic means more conversion and a good bounce rate as well, which is what we all want.

Following are 15 most common SEO mistakes 2015 made by SEO experts intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. Do check it out and never repeat it again to avoid getting ban on search engines.

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1. Duplication:

It is the most common mistake that Search Engine Optimizer make. They repeat keywords and taglines on a page or a number of pages to create confusion for the search engines to determine the most relevant page and its relevance to a user’s searched query.

2. Avoiding Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Optimization:

15 Most Common SEO Mistakes 2015


15 Most Common SEO Mistakes 2015

While auditing, it is normally found that title tags for brands are not optimized properly and Meta descriptions are left blank. Having a good description provides the brand or the website to stand out of competition and therefore a healthy and creative description is always good for the brand.

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3. Lack of good content quality:

Creating high quality and creative content is extremely necessary to represent a brand or a website. The more the quality and relevant the content would be the more traffic and quality leads you will get.

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4. No XML Sitemap:

15 Most Common SEO Mistakes 2015

This makes it difficult for search engines and crawlers to check the site and perform indexing of the pages.  Crawlers read the set of URLs to determine the indexing of the pages to stay up to date regarding any kind of a change that we make on our website.

5. Not having a Mobile Optimized Website:

15 Most Common SEO Mistakes 2015

Having mobile friendly website is a compulsion in the current era. It makes it easier for the users to browse the sites easily. It also creates a better web experience for the mobile users.

6. Outdated and expired content: 

Your content should always be fresh and up to date and It should also not contain any link in it that doesn’t exist anymore.

7. Backlinks:

Normally termed as outbound links, Backlinks are links that point to a website or blog. It is very important while doing Offpage SEO that the links you provide do not have bad reputation or have been penalized before because bad backlinks get your website a bad review.

8. Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing refers to “adding so many keywords in your content by playing various tricks”. It is necessary that your content is always visible to a human eye and not too close or not too small. This can be a major threat and a risk of getting your website banned by search engines.

15 Most Common SEO Mistakes 2015

9. Illegal content:

Keywords shouldn’t be found as a counterfeit or violate copyrights. If you are using a piece of information that violates copy right laws can result in a ban from the search engines.

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10. Wrong redirects:

Redirecting a user to an entirely different page, rather than the relevant page that the user thinks a link would direct the user to. For example, www.hotmail.com redirecting a user to www.amazon.com on Signup. This would also result in ban from search engines.

11. Restriction on Robot.TXT file:

If we constrain a crawler to crawl into a particular page on the website, it gets you into trouble. The page doesn’t get indexed if the crawlers are restricted to crawl into them.

12. Dynamic URLs:

URLs generated by software are called as dynamic URLs. They usually have long names and long length codings. Crawlers look for static URLs or it becomes difficult for crawlers to index pages.

13. Blocking Internet Archive by a spam:

This is one of the most favorite methods used by spammers wherein they block archive.org for crawling or storing their pages. It alerts the search engine of a possible threat for spams.

14. Making use of Page Cloaking:

Page cloaking is normally used by webmasters to hide (source code) of their SEO optimized posts from competitors and also to hide posts that looks good in the eyes of search engines, but not the humans.

15. Doorway pages:

Doorway pages are created for the purpose of spamdexing. It helps to spam the index of (search engine) with the help of the results of specific phrases to send visitors on a different page.

We hope that after reading this post, you can easily create a user friendly and fully optimized website without doing any mistakes.

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