Following are 11 ways to promote your website in accordance with my way!

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11 Ways To Promote Your Website


You can submit your website link on lots and lots of websites on the net, among which, and are totally free for the submission of non-commercial websites. Do note that in order to get huge amount of traffic on your website, you will have to submit your website link in relevant and the most specific directories.

12 Ways To Promote Your Website

Search Engines:

Same is the case with search engines as you shall look for (industry) specific “search engines” to add your website on it.

Email Signature:

Email is the most common channel of communication, which is used by almost each and every body around the world. Considering that, you can simply add the name of your website and a small piece of description regarding what your website is about in your email signatures, so that whenever you send an email to anyone, your website also gets advertised.

Forum Signature:

Just like email signatures, forum signatures are also pretty much effective. However, make sure that you are posting comments on relevant forums only to avoid spamming.

Reciprocal links:

Firstly, it requires you to encourage and appreciate the work of your competitor and than ask him or her politely to exchange links.


There are plenty of Award sites on the net, that gives you logos to promote their sites. You might be thinking that how are these award logos going to help your sites, well, once, you are going to insert their logos on your sites, they will also give you a link back. Whereas, in order to get these awards, your website should be having excellent content and good looking design.

To find out the list of award sites, you can visit:


Check out to find various newsgroups and post your link on it.

Note: You must ensure that the group is relevant to your website.

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Article writing & Submission:

If you are decent writer, you can write articles and submit them on relevant sites along with your website links. What this will do is that the visitors of the site on which you are submitting your articles will be diverted towards your website.

Check out how to write SEO Optimized articles that Google loves the most.

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(Press release) Submissions:

Seo based press releases can easily rank your post on the very 1st page of Google. Sometimes, you can even rank more than one posts of your site on the 1st page of Google, isn’t that fantastic!

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Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is one of the best methods to promote your website. Trust me, if you learned how to deal with Facebook ads and other social media ad services, you will not have to do any other thing to bring traffic on your site.

Also check:

Forum Posting & Blog Commenting:

Forum posting & blog commenting is a bit time consuming and tiring task but, believe it or not, if you did it right with proper signatures (including your site underneath) you will be able to traffic massive traffic as well as top ranking in search engines.

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