You might be thinking that you can easily get good traffic on your blog by increasing the amount of posts on a daily basis.

If a single blog post gives you two hundred visits, then, 2 blog posts would definitely give you four hundred visits. Is that what you are thinking?

Well, if you ask me, It really sucks.

What if I tell you a method to get the same amount of traffic by writing a single post?

Instead of writing 2 blogposts to get four hundred visits, you can easily get the MAGICAL 400 visits from one post only.

Now, lemme tell you how it is possible!

We have recently started to publish single post/day on BloggingHeat and guess what happened? Our traffic actually increased a great deal!

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We just spent more time to optimize the traffic that we were getting on every single article posted on our blog, besides that, we also planned to blog in a smarter way , rather than going for a harder way.

Here is the list of 10 hacks that we have started to practice on our blog in order to optimize our blog traffic. Believe it or not, most of these hacks are gonna work for you instantly, so do try it Asap.

1. Your blog posts should have a facility to get easily shared with the help of a single click to Tweet plugin.

I think, almost every one is using social media sharing buttons on their blog, but how about adding them with in your posts as well?

10 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Blog Traffic


Click to Tweet just helps you to make tweetable comments and quotes throughout (your blogpost).

The main idea here is to provide visitors an excellent way to (share your stuff). This cool plugin will naturally help you to make your post viral.

You can grab this plugin over here.

2. Maximizing the (Emotional-value) of your title’s:

We did a research on as much as one million post titles and found that blog posts that are having emotional titles actually gets shared more on social media.

10 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Blog Traffic


There are many tools online that can be helpful to get emotional titles or headlines for your blog posts for example, “Emotional Value Analyzer” provides you a rating on how good the emotional value is of your title.

Another awesome tool for the same purpose is “Blog Post Headline Analyzer“, but the only difference it has from Emotional value Analyzer is that it also gives you a rating on the quality and length of your title or a headline.

3. Write content with more words:

Are you aware that search engines give more importance to blog posts that are having a huge amount of word-count? Well, it really does! It will be incredible, if your post contains 2000 or more words in it.

10 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Blog Traffic

4. Improve Your Rich Snippets & Meta Tags:

There are so many thing that can be done with your blog post to make it look good at the time its picked by Google or shared on social networks.

You can use a meta tag code in <HEAD> with in your html in order to provide “instructions” to different social media networks regarding which title, description and image should be used when the content is posted.

To preview, what your link actually looks like, you can use this debug tool by Facebook.

However, if you are using SEO by Yoast plugin, it normally does all these things automatically.

5. Tell a better looking story:

In the year 2014, a (helpdesk-software) named as Groove closed their blog on content marketing after finding out a solution of getting more traffic. What they did was that they got shifted from (generic-evergreen-content) to stories on how did they got success.

10 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Blog Traffic


In their relaunched blog, they started to tell people about their entire journey from (20k dollars) per month of revenue to (100k dollars).

And guess what! with in 5 weeks time, Groove managed to get as much as five thousand new email subscribers with in a very short time frame.

6. Share your blog posts more than once on different social media platforms

Normally, bloggers share their blog posts on different social media platforms as soon as they publish it and after that they just share it one or two times more, which is certainly not good. (Some people do this even though they are producing good quality and an ever green content.)

10 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Blog Traffic


Well, you need to post your content by following this schedule:

  • On publish: Just after publishing your blog post
  • Same day: After next 2–3 hours.
  • Next day: Share it on the next day after publishing your blogpost.
  • Next week: Also share it net week and so on..
  • Next month
  • so on and so on..

You can create an excel sheet to manage all your social shares accordingly. Other than that, also try to post your blog post links by adding a small description to make it look like you are not spamming.

7. Speed up your Blog:

Do you know that search engines give good ranking to the websites that loads quickly?

In the year 2010, Matt Cutts also made an announcement that Google will be factoring the site speed in search engine rankings. Enough said!

Now, coming towards the question regarding how to increase your site speed, you can simply do that by reading this post: Speedup Loading Time of WordPress Blog Using Cache Plugin.

8. Optimization of your (Social-sharing-buttons):

A question that comes in the mind of every webmaster, where to insert social media buttons?

Trust me, it matters a lot! As far as our research is concerned, these share buttons work best at the top left and side of the page. However, you can still use any free heat map tool to get an idea about how visitors interact on your pages.

10 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Blog Traffic

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9. Cleaning your sidebar:

Remove all the congested links, ads and widgets from your side bar because they distract your visitors.

10 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Blog Traffic

10. Email subscription widget: 

You can also get huge amount of traffic from emails. Besides that, there are also many other benefits of using this email subscription service like email marketing, etc. We have already written an article on How To Setup Feedburner– A Free email subscription service For Your Blog.

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